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Found 9 results

  1. JJDLmoving

    Home Bakery Rules & Laws

    Hi Everyone I am looking at starting to bake some desserts from home and selling them to restaurants / coffee shops in Melbourne. Does anyone have any idea of the laws & regulations around this? From both a commerce and health and safety viewpoint? Any pointers would be much appreciated. BTW: NOT IN MELBOURNE JUST YET - WILL BE THERE VERY SOON! Many thanks in advance!
  2. JJDLmoving

    ONLINE Business Ideas

    Good day everyone, I am looking to start an online business in Australia. I am looking for any ideas or advice? I looked on my LSD trip everyday for items to sell. It was much more challenging then i thought? Please can you send me any ideas of items you think would sell online? Or if you can advise if you think there are any items not available or in high demand. Many thanks in advance. JJ
  3. Husky

    Small business success

    Hi all, Although we are still in the midst of our migration process, I am thinking ahead and was hoping for some insight into the small business sector, specifically in NSW and Victoria. I am reasonably confident that I will secure employment once in Oz having started conversations with a few consulting firms already. My husband is a speciality electronic engineer in his mid 40s and reading some of the posts on this forum, I am concerned it will take some time for him to find something. We are both entrepreneurs at heart, having run our own businesses for a number of years. I have been researching businesses for sale as I think this will be our best bet. What I am keen to understand is; 1. What kind of small businesses work best in Australia? 2. Franchising seems big. Which ones are the most successful? 3. We know how important networks are when you run your own business. How easy/ or difficult is it to build networks? 4. Does the government subsidise or provide any support for small business? 5. Are there any groups of Australian citizens looking for able and willing business partners? Would appreciate any advice/ insight. Thank you. H
  4. Hey folks. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with meetup.com for business networking? I've been to quite a few meetups and some of them have been quite good. It's a bit hit-and-miss though. Just wondering if any of you have been to any good ones that you can recommend? Chat soon, Steve
  5. JJDLmoving

    Consulting (Sales and marketing)

    Hi all I am doing some research on what i can do when we relocate to Oz. My wife will have a job when we move but i wont. I am currently a Sales and Marketing Manager for a company in the food sector. I have over 12 years experience with sales and marketing in various food businesses. Does anyone know if there would be an opportunity for me to become a consultant to small / medium businesses in the food industry. I have tried to look for other people doing this in Aus and i have found nothing. Any feedback would be much appreciated JJ
  6. Hi all. A bit of a strange request. Does anyone out there have a contact or contacts to share with me for either a privately owned chicken farm or a company owned chicken farm, preferably in the Cape Town area. Looking at a possible business opportunity for myself around the poultry industry. Thanks.
  7. Hi all. A bit of a strange request. Does anyone out there have a contact or contacts to share with me for either a privately owned chicken farm or a company owned chicken farm, preferably in the Cape Town area. Looking at a possible business opportunity for myself around the poultry industry. Thanks.
  8. This post is addressed to all of you who still need to arrive in Australia. We decided in 2011 to move to Australia, mostly for security, and to give our children a better life. We started the process of applying for visas, and as most of you know this is quite a mission. You have to do your Ielts, get medicals, police clearance etc etc. I was under the impression that the whole process of getting a visa would be daunting, time consuming, and almost impossible. Well we applied for a 163 business visa, which visa was granted in March 2012. As the difficult part was done I could now relax. Wrong!!! As the holder of a business visa I had to commit to bring a certain amount of money into Australia, with which to start a business. We therefore had to sell our properties, and this is exactley where the issue became very complicated. We are in a buyers’ market, and suddenly your pride and joy, the place where your children grew up suddenly doesn’t have the value or the allure that it once had for you. In our case we had double trouble as our house is a thatch, and suddenly every potential purchaser is an expert on owning, buying and the so called fire risk of thatch. Just because some idiot in st Frances had a braai, in gale force wind, while under the overhang of his thatch roof, and while probably under the influence, burnt down all his neighbouring properties, doesn’t make thatch more or less safe than any other home. The fact is we have been in our house for 12 years and we never had any issues. The funny thing is that most people have a holiday home or friends who has a holiday home with a thatch roof, and they love going there but don’t want to own it. As mentioned we have double trouble. Our second property is a game farm. Sounds easy to sell this, doesn’t it? Well no, this farm has been in the market for the last 2 years, and every time some politician open his mouth about land grabs I had to drop the price. Lately the politicians have been saying so much that I can’t give the farm away. At least I have a potential buyer for the farm at a price close on 50% of the value, and I am praying that the deal goes through, and I am praying that the house sells fast. All this hassles has caused me a fair amount of anxiety in the last couple of months, so much so that I turned to that famous Scottish medicine, which not only helps with panic attacks, but also make you a little deaf, so that you don’t hear the moans and complaints, and is excellent with a braai (should start saying barbie) . My wife however got fed up with me and my medicine and put her foot down, so now I am on a mild sedative to cope. I don’t even drink pills for a headache, but I am taking pills to function properly. The last straw was when my friend and business partner, who will hopefully also be my business partner is Australia, informed me that his house has been sold. They are flying out of the country next week. The question is, what now? My wife says maybe the good Lord wants to show us that we were not meant to go to Australia. I know one thing. When we do make it to Australia, not if, this anxiety will start fresh as we need to find a home, put the kids in school, identify a business, and make it work. I hope the Aussies have over the counter pills, or at least cheap Scottish Medicine.
  9. I came across this today. What are your thoughts on this? http://www.theage.com.au/executive-style/management/50-rules-for-doing-business-in-australia-20131024-2w3v6.html?goback=%2Egde_110988_member_5800756250715115524#%21
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