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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, I trust that you are well. I am currently a 23 Year South African female, im currently in my final semester of Bcompt Accounting Science in financial accounting (CA stream) through UNISA(University of South Africa). I will be graduating in Mid June. My partner who is 25, is a Senior Architectural Technologist who is also member of SACAP, he graduated with a BTech Degree Architectural degree from DUT I have sent through an application to Ernst and Young and Deloitte as to start my training contract in Australia. However i do know it is a process and im not sure if im eligible for the CA programme/Training contract.I have also just recently been on Seek for jobs available, however they require you to have a visa/working permit. We have started abit of the process but we not sure of the way forward. - Questions as such: 1. is my Bcompt degree recognized in Australia? What do i need to do to ensure i get a job before arriving to Australia? Is it possible to have a work sponsored visa? 2.Is my partners degree recognized and what does he need to do to ensure he gets a job in Australia? 3. We would like to emmigrate by the end of 2019 early 2020. is that time sufficient and realistic to sort out our working visas etc? 4. Which method/agency would you recommend,should we do it with an agency? 5. is there an estimation for the cost of visas? Any assistance and advice/experiences shared will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kind Regards,
  2. RKrumholecstki

    Commercial Accountant

    Hi All, I have been in Australia since Feb 2011, and know how hard it could be to land your first "proper" job in Australia, and thought that I could potentially help by bringing the below opportunity to the table. I am looking for somebody who would like to settle in a more rural (Northern NSW) rather than a city location. It is not entirely in the sticks as a 45 minutes drive will bring you to a regional airport. About the role: Reporting to the Commercial Controller, you will take ownership for the provision of accurate and timely financial information to enable effective business decisions and ensure compliance. Your diverse responsibilities will include: · Project costing, analysis, monitoring and reporting; · Assistance with the budget and forecast preparation and review process with an emphasis on project budgeting and forecasting; · Project portfolio review including variance analysis against budget and forecast; · Analysis of project reports and provide information to assist commercial decision making; · Maintain integrity of databases, including financial modelling; · Monitoring that the business manages their SLOB/SURP stock efficiently; · Analysis P&L and investigate variances ; · Preparing monthly dashboard KPI report; · Perform Balance sheet reconciliations; · Assess ongoing processes to identify areas of potential improvement; and, · Use key SAP skills to support the business. About You: To be successful you must demonstrate previous financial and/or management accounting experience within a complex multi divisional business, ideally with exposure to a project accounting environment. With tertiary qualifications in accounting or finance and CPA, CA or CIMA qualifications, you will demonstrate superior analytical, planning and problem-solving capabilities. In addition, you will be attributed with effective verbal communication skills, a customer focused approach and interpersonal skills to build solid long-term relationships. Advanced knowledge of MS Excel and experience with SAP is also required. Please let me know if this may be of interest.
  3. Morning, hoping somebody can provide some insight please, not sure I am understanding this process.... We submitted an EOI on 2 August with my hubby as main applicant with 70 points. His birthday is coming up before the next EOI invitation round, putting him in the next age category, 5 points less, thus 65 points. From the website (http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Skil/3-august-2016-round-results), if I understand it correctly, accountants are now selected from 20 June 2016 with minimum 70 points. This is still 3 August's data, but new data is not yet available. Does this mean we missed it now? Should we work on Plan B to get back to 70 points? I can have my skills accredited and write the English exam for the 5 spousal points. Thoughts? Experience?
  4. Hi everyone I'd like to immigrate to Australia in early 2017. Has any CIMA member had a successful skills assessment from CPA? I unfortunately do not have an accounting degree and have been informed by a migration agent that the Australian accounting assessing authority does not recognise CIMA. Has anybody else had this experience? Kind Regards Nicole
  5. Hi All This is my first post, as I have only recently decided to look seriously into a possible relocation to Australia. I have been doing a lot of reading on the forums and I get the idea that it is tough for South African CA's to get jobs. 2 days ago I applied to an Australian Accounting firm that advertised in an SA magazine. They have been very helpful as apparently they have sponsored quite a few CA (SA)'s who are still working for them. The nice thing is they will offer you a job even before you have started your Visa application. My application is still under review. The problem is that all the vacancies are at their branches in Rural Australia, this made me wonder if work in the cities are limited due to all the immigrants and one needs to focus your attention to the smaller towns? I don't really mind doing that as I grew up in a small town and I like the small town vibe. Perhaps someone that works in Accounting could give me a few pointers? Regards
  6. So we've been in Brisbane for just over a year, and we have to submit our first Australian Tax Return. I have no clue where to begin or what is needed. Can anyone here recommend or put me in contact with a good (but affordable) Tax Accountant in Brisbane (or is someone here perhaps one)?. Someone who will understand our unique situation, and has experience with migrants. We emigrated financially through Cashkows, and are de-registered from SARS. Thanx
  7. I want to apply as Accountant (General) or Management Accountant and are unsure to rather go independent (subclass 189) or state sponsored (subclass 190). Does anyone now which has the shorter processing time? Secondly what the benefits are of going the state sponsorhip route? If anyone can assist please. Thank you.
  8. Good news and bad news. :ilikeit:I have an interview scheduled for Thursday morning for a job with a 457 sponsorship. :thumbdown:My skills assessment came back negative. I have 11 out of 12 Core knowledge areas, but not the one mandatory “Accounting Theory, Professional and regulatory processes”. The ICAA assessed my RAU (1993-1995) (Rand Afrikaans University accounting)degree based on a 32 page academic record submitted to them. I fail to understand how this specific area was not covered enough during three years of study with accounting as the main subject. Anyone else have a 3 years accounting degree from RAU with a positive assessment? And no, I am not giving up yet. Thanks
  9. Hi, My brother has just gotten the unfortunate news that he failed the CA board exam in South Africa. He wants to come over to aus. I know he can get a visa as an accountant without completing the boards, but how does he then become a CA in Australia? Must he rather try again in SA to do the boards, or must he come across to Aus and write their board exams here? How would the conversion work? Would he be able to writethe boards on this side? What requirements are there? Thank you, Elmarie
  10. Nikita93

    New to this forum

    Hi guys Wow what an awesome forum this is. Hubby and I (we have an 8yr old daughter) decided we are sick of this country, sick of tales of woe involving crime and let's not forget government corruption. We want a better future for ourselves and our daughter. We made the decision 4 months ago to immigrate to Australia and we are really excited about our future. We live in West Coast area and would love to hook up with anyone on this forum in the area (or out of). We going on hubby's skills (IT engineer - Genesys) which is on the skills shortage list. We will need to be in Victoria for first two years and we plan staying in Melbourne for that time, obviously depending on whatever job he/we get. I am an accountant by trade (not qualified) so I hope to find work there too. He has passed his IELTS test and our immigration consultant (Migrate Australia) is about to put in our application to ACS where he thinks we should have a positive outcome. We will be selling our house and all our possessions and starting fresh on the other side. I'm not under the illusion that everything is going to be easy - I am realistic and I know that it will take a while to settle down and get comfortable again, but we are optimistic and ready to work hard to achieve the best we can. We have no clue, from a time point of view, how long or quick things can take after the ACS approval (holding thumbs). I guess then it's just the medical and criminal checks? I am going to spend most of tonight reading as much as I can on this forum to get all the info. Thanks for reading this and we hope to make some new friends here (and hopefully take with!) Cam
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