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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, Could anyone please explain the process involved in applying/obtaining a South African Police Clearance certificate from Australia, in particular from Melbourne? Has anyone done this recently? Grateful if you could point me in right direction. Thanks in advance Nathalie
  2. Hi guys, I received an invite on 11 September 2018. In my ignorance have I done PCC before I received an invite. The invite came much later than expected and my PCC’s expore in Jan 2019. I have done my new PCC’s on friday and apparently is takes 10 weeks now which is longer than the 60 days that my invite is valid. I have 2 questions: 1. Can I submit my visa application without PCC’s or can I submit it it with the old PCC’s thats due to expire in Jan 2019 and wait for the new PCC’s that I applied for. 2. If I can’t lodge without PCC’s, is it possible to het a HAP ID to do medicals? Will really appreciate any advice. Thanks Adriaan
  3. Hi Everyone, We are in Canberra and will be applying for permanent residence sometime up ahead. We will need South African police clearance certificates. Has anyone done this from Australia? If so, what process did you follow? Is there an agency that does this for you? I would also like an idea of how long the process takes when doing it from Australia. Many thanks...
  4. Hi All, I've read through all the SA government websites and can't find anything specific on this topic. My question is can someone under 16 apply for an SA police clearance certificate, or like an ID book, do you need to be 16 before you can apply? Part of my residency application requires my 2 children still living in SA to have medicals, and the older one needs a police clearance once he turns 16 which is a few weeks away. It seems likely that our case might be finalised before then, but to avoid delays, I want to get this done now just in case it takes longer and he is then 16 when the application is processed. The websites I've looked at don't say anything specifically about minors so I am unsure if this can or can't be done, if I have to wait until he is 16 to apply for his police clearance. Any assistance with this info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Treffa
  5. Hi all - a quick question if I may - we validated our PR Visa in March 2008 and moved here end of December 2010. Am not sure whether we need now a South African Police Clearance Certificate for our citizenship application or not - at least one of my friends claims she didn't need one, despite her visa having been valid for years before moving to Oz.... Can't get through to the Immigration Helpline.. Help please, thanks guys.
  6. Good day, I would like to ask advise on the best time to start with my PCC and medicals. I applied for subclass 190 visa and my visa application was lodged on 24 June. I have not heard anything on my application. According to my agent, once a CO has been appointed they will contact me to provide them with my PCC and Medicals. As I have been reading on the forum the PCC and medicals can sometimes take a bit of time and can hold up the process of your visa being granted. Can someone please advise to how long the SAPS PCC and the medicals take? And also what your experience has been with your PCC and medicals? Thank you.
  7. Hi everyone. Forgive me if this has been asked multiple times, but I havent seemed to find the answer any where. I have just lodged my Police Clearance forms in Pretoria, and was wondering what peoples experience has been in how long it took for them to recieve their certificate. Ive heard it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months? thanks for your help! Dani
  8. TiaanAndLeigh

    PCC and Medicals: Timing

    Hi All So my husband and I finally have all our documents together, skills assessment, IELTS results, birth and marriage certificates, etc, and are ready to lodge our EOI. However, I have a question relating to timing because I don't want to run out of time waiting for documents. So the question is: when is the best time to apply for a PCC and to get medicals done? Now, before submitting an EOI; do we wait to receive an invitation to apply and thenget the final documents together, or do we do it only once assigned a case officer? I am mostly concerned about spending the money on the medicals and then not getting an invitation, as this would be a big waste of money. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  9. Hi everyone So frustrated. After paying R370 to courier police clearance applications to Pretoria, with an accompanying letter specifically requesting (in bold, font size 14 and underlined) that they include my maiden name on the certificate. I paid another R370 to get the certificates couriered back to Cape Town and collected them today, only to find they omitted my maiden name on my certificate! I guess I should not be surprised. I guess I was being naively enthusiastic thinking they would actually be able to read the letter.
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