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Found 16 results

  1. We are in the process of applying for our citizenship and need to obtain police clearance certificates from South Africa. We are using Doc Assist to help us obtain the clearance certificates, but need to send them the various documents via courier. Can anyone recommend a reliable courier service to send documents from Adelaide to Pretoria?
  2. Can any of the agents please confirm when you have to obtain a PCC from another country you have lived in? In this case, my daughter was overseas +- 9 days short of a full year. The DIBP website says you need a PCC for every country in which you have lived for one year or longer. #moredelays @TeeTMI @SD_MOA
  3. Holy cow! I'm a bit shocked. The police in South Australia want to charge me $120 per set of fingerprints We need 3 sets Is this normal or am I doing it wrong? On the plus side, it's for citizenship Cheers Erik
  4. MvR89

    PCC - Valid for how long?

    Hi all Does anyone know for how long your PCC is valid for? When does it expire and when do you need to renew it? Thanks
  5. Hello Forumites, from glorious Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast! Its been quite a while since I last posted anything, but suffice to say that Ms Orphan and I are having a wonderful time with our family and grandkids, and are thoroughly enjoying every minute of being in this incredible country . I am also pleased to see that the 143 Contributory Parent Visa blogs are still going strong, and that there are many more oldies taking the plunge! For those brave souls....hang in there, its worth it! And now for my questions...... Can anyone out there advise us on the process of applying out of Australia for a South African Police Clearance Certificate, and Unabridged Birth Certificate. These are for my son who is currently with us, and needs to apply for a visa to stay on in this country. In terms of the Birth certificate, I have been on to the SA High Commission website, and have gained the impression that one must personally present oneself in Canberra. Is this true? Or can one send them notarized copies of documents, fingerprints etc, from where you live in Australia. And what of the PCC. Does one do it through the SA Embassy as well, or can one send in the documentation and fingerprints directly to Pretoria? And finally, is there any value going through SA agents that specialize in expediting the processing of such documents? Really appreciate your help fellas!
  6. Hi All, Can someone tell me, can the medicals be booked and PCC be done before Visa Application is done? I read somewhere that for the medicals you need some number first. Thanks
  7. Question about PCC. it says to add all the places you have lived for 12 months or more, in the past 10 years. Now from 2003 to July 2006 I was a student in the UK. though in total I was there for 3 years, it only makes about 6 months in the past 10 years, from February 2006 to July 2006. Do I need to make the UK PCC?
  8. Hi guys, We just got an e-mail from our VPO (we got one ) requesting some more info. On the request letter they only list the PCC. (I had hoped to have it before we got our VPO but SAPS are running behind again, took them 3 week to even register our applications...) Does this mean that we won't have to send them Form 80 (as I have not uploaded it along with all the other docs) or do you think the VPO will suddenly wake up after he has had his coffee and realise he needs that to? Cheers
  9. Hi, We had a friend collect our police clearance certificates last Thursday which we were very please to have completed in 1 week. When we fetched them, I opened the envelope only to find they had gotten my Title wrong. I was listed as ms and not mr. I have now phoned the Criminal Records Dept in Pretoria, which informed me that I need to email a copy of the document and a copy of my ID book to the email address provided on the form. Has anyone else had an issue like this? Is this how you went about correcting it? I have had no response via email, so Im sitting hoping they will process my request and contact me to collect the corrected one. Thanks in advance for advice. Kind Regards, Dyllon
  10. Good day, I would like to ask advise on the best time to start with my PCC and medicals. I applied for subclass 190 visa and my visa application was lodged on 24 June. I have not heard anything on my application. According to my agent, once a CO has been appointed they will contact me to provide them with my PCC and Medicals. As I have been reading on the forum the PCC and medicals can sometimes take a bit of time and can hold up the process of your visa being granted. Can someone please advise to how long the SAPS PCC and the medicals take? And also what your experience has been with your PCC and medicals? Thank you.
  11. Hi everyone. Forgive me if this has been asked multiple times, but I havent seemed to find the answer any where. I have just lodged my Police Clearance forms in Pretoria, and was wondering what peoples experience has been in how long it took for them to recieve their certificate. Ive heard it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months? thanks for your help! Dani
  12. Greetings to ALL Had a thread that detailed our journey. I titled it "Don't want to be under the covers only, want to contribute. started on 27 Jan 2013" ..but it got whack somewhere somehow....but anyway I am adamant .... so here goes ..... Beware: Each and every application can have a its own path and time line. This will be a general time line and I will try to update some of the little things that came up along our way to be aware off. If you have any question fire away. Application for Visa 189: This response is also to show how, time lines can vary from application to application. Decided in Jan 2013 to immigrating to Aus Feb 2013, Wife got second thoughts and then got onboard by March 2013 again ...... Big decisions and emotional too, got to be patient. We did our IELTS without agent and wife wrote twice (8) and me once.(7) ummm no comment at this point in time April 2013 IELTS was done.We sign up at agent June 2013From June to early Nov 2013, We ran around for skills assessment to get all paper work done eg. Proof of Bcom , work experience letters and other bit and bytes and then submission through agent. (This could have been quicker as work and travel etc etc played a role. We were not very organize here. Got positive feedback from ICAA assessment board. Skills good to go.14th Nov 2013 Launch EOI . 22th Nov 2013 received invitation from Aus immigration to apply for a full application26th Nov 2013 Lodge application (by Agent )6th Dec 2013. CO was assign to our case 6th Dec 2013 Medicals 6th Dec 2013 Also handed in PCC per hand. busy day.16th Jan 2014 Received SMS that PCC is finalized. 20th Jan 2014 Fetch PCC per hand21st Jan 2014 Send PCC to Migrate2oz (agent) via email very early in the morning.22nd Jan 2014 around 12 o'clock got a call from our agent that PR have been approved. 22nd Jan 2014 received confirmation letter and also confirm on vevo site.9 December 2014 Need to show our faces to activate visa.That Wednesday Night start planning LSD trip, maybe April 2014 What a journey, what a ride ....to be continued....
  13. This was posted by sn agent on Aussikanners. Maybe one of the agents here can ratify this. [26/10/2013 13:37] Police checks: if you do not have the actual certificate at time of lodging your visa application, you MUST attach evidence that it has been requested, otherwise the time of application criteria is not satisfied & your visa can be refused. Federal court decision of Anand v Minister for Immigration & Citizenship [2013] FCA 1050 (16 October 2013)
  14. This was just a strange thought I had...When do the PCC's actually get granted? Is it taken from the day you've had your fingerprints etc. done at your local PS and then "back-dated" upon approval at Pretoria? OR: Is it the day it is received at Pretoria as a complete application? OR: Is it the day they actually get round to going through the whole application/checks submitted in Pretoria & the actual date that Pretoria stamps it as "approved"? We were wondering specifically in the case where we would as a couple "split" the ground-work...i.e. one person goes one week to do theirs & then another week the other spouse gets round to theirs & then you post them off together...It could have a ripple-effect with the dates, especially concerning the main applicant...
  15. Hi everyone So frustrated. After paying R370 to courier police clearance applications to Pretoria, with an accompanying letter specifically requesting (in bold, font size 14 and underlined) that they include my maiden name on the certificate. I paid another R370 to get the certificates couriered back to Cape Town and collected them today, only to find they omitted my maiden name on my certificate! I guess I should not be surprised. I guess I was being naively enthusiastic thinking they would actually be able to read the letter.
  16. I am a bit confused by this, just say my PCC and Medicals are dated to expire Dec 2012 and I get visa Nov 2012 -do I have 1 month to enter Aus?
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