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Found 4 results

  1. Charne

    Hi my name is Charne and I'm an...

    I bet you thought I was going to say alcoholic but no, I'm an... African. I've been spying on the forums since June 2014 and decided to climb out of the shadows and into the light to get me some of the action After contemplating where to post my questions or concerns I thought an introduction is in order/ and a good place to start. My partner and I have been on the migration train since May 2014 when we had decided to move over. We've been spending the bulk of our time waiting for my partner's occupation to show up on a state sponsorship list. Late last week after South Australia had released their new point system we realized we had to spark to get our application done and unfortunately we had to abandon the 190 Visa we were originally gunning for due to a lack of points on account of work experience. Earlier this week we've lodged a state nomination application, our intentions is to apply for a 489 visa and with this, new thoughts and concerns came to mind about finding work on a Visa that has a short life span/dependent on renewals/citizenship applications. I suppose we don't need any specific advice, I'd just like some greater support system for our journey as most of you have been through it all and I want to gain ALL the wisdom and share some too!! I'll be posting again should something be burning in my mind. Nice to meet you guys.
  2. Jaws


    Just wanting to introduce ourselves; Have been following the forum since we made the decision to move to Aus, thanks for all the info, couldn't have progressed to where we are without all the informative posts. A quick summary of our journey so far; Made the decision in February Appointed a Migration Agent on 9 March Did IELTS on 18 April Submitted Skills Assessment Application to ACS on 5 June (those RPL's take a long time to write!) Received positive skills assesment on 17 June Submitted EOI on 23 June Received invite on 6 July Will start the application process next week (hoping everything will go smoothly) Thanks again for all the advise and info of all the posters
  3. neethlingdutoit

    New Member

    Hi All, I have been following this forum for a couple of years from the moment my wife and I decided to get the process started to immigrate to Aus. We started our application process in February 2013 and obtained our Skills assessment in September 2013 and IELTS in the same year as well. We relocated twice since then in South Africa to follow job opportunities with our application in the back of our minds. We knew that my Skills Assessment will expire in the beginning of September 2015 and needed to get our EOI and application in as soon as possible. I lodged EOI on 20th June 2015 on SOL 26131 classification and was invited to apply yesterday. I don't have any burning questions at the moment. Just wanted to let you guys know what my time line for EOI looked like and introduced myself. Now on with the application process!
  4. niro

    New Member - Durban

    Hi All, We have decided to make the move...husband and daughter (aged 9) and hopefully our 2 yorkies! Thanks for all the info, it has been a great help! Regards Niro
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