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Found 3 results

  1. Graeme

    Redheads GOURMET BBQ Festival

    Enter your BBQ team in the upcoming BBQ Cook Off competition at the Redhead GOURMET BBQ Festival in Adelaide. Visit www.bar-bqfest.com.au for all the info and rules. Open to all wanting to enjoy a weekend of fun in Rundle Park Adelaide this October. Loads of prizes to be won. If you are a business owner use this opportunity to promote your business at no fee to tens of thousands of visitors. CATEGORIES: 1) BBQ / BRAAI - MASTERS 2) BBQ / BRAAI BACK YARD - MAESTRO's 3) CAMP OVEN / POITJIE POT - MASTRO's 4) BBQ GOURMET BURGER - All proceeds go to the ORANA Community organisation.
  2. Graeme

    BBQ Festival

    There is a big Braai Festival happening in October right bang in the center of Adelaide. They are calling for teams to enter a BBQ Cook Off competition. Lets show them that braai skills are part of the Saffer culture. The event can be viewed on the internet google Gourmet BBQ Adelaide its all there.
  3. I'm a bit worried. I'm sure you've all seen I haven't posted in my other thread about my trip to Perth since getting back. I was meaning to write another post and upload a whole bunch of pictures, but I just can't seem to bring myself to. We got back on Sunday and apart from the jet lag (which hasn't been as bad coming back as it was going there), I just don't seem to give a hoot about anything. Work, home, myself, nothing. I just feel completely numb. I left work early today to come home and nap - something I wouldn't ever do. There are bosses to appease and ratings to maintain, after all. I do suffer from depression from time to time (not the sad kind, the kind that you get very tired) and it does usually hit at this time of year around my birthday. This is a bit different though. I came home and didn't feel shocked or affronted by the dirt, the beggars, the complete lack of respect for the laws of the country, the electric fences, and all the other million reasons for not liking SA. I just felt completely numb, as if I just didn't care any more. I still feel like that. A simple thing like robots not working and taxis pushing in doesn't have any effect whatsoever. It's as if it doesn't happen. We made the decision to stay a little longer so that the other half can finish his MBA and then plan is to stay until about April/May next year. I thought I'd be okay with this but now I just want to go. I am not at home here. I feel like a foreigner, I don't connect with most of the locals (apart from my friends and family) like I do with the people in Australia. This isn't a western country with western values and western systems. Maybe it used to be but it isn't any more. I feel as foreign as I did in Dubai. I don't belong here. I have no misconception that my life will suddenly be perfect in Australia but it will at least feel like home. There are stresses about this move. I think I can find work quite easily when we do finally move. But what about my other half? What if he can't find work? What if it takes 6 or more months? He is talking about enrolling in the CA programme in Australia (which I'd be very happy to support!) but he needs to finish his MBA first. There is a chance (a small one) that I may get an offer from a company in Perth for quite a good job and if it's attractive enough then it may be a good idea to seriously consider it. That, coupled with the fact that my other half just landed a very good job at a big company here (as a contractor, though, so it could end at any time) is also making it harder to leave. I have a feeling that this situation is going to cause a lot of tension and fights - we both want the same thing but just at different times. I want a life in Australia from now. I want a career there, to start buying property (or saving to do so), to start building a bit of a network of friends and work colleagues. What is the point of even bothering here any more? Why even go to work? It's all for nothing anyway. I can't save because not only am I saving at one eighth the speed I could be saving in Australia, I'm also faced with rising costs of just about everything that just erodes everything. I'm not paying off a house because I chose to rent for now, so it's all just being wasted away. I just want to go now Sorry for the long rambling post. I just needed to vent a bit. I'm not ungrateful for the position I am in. Many people yearn just for the opportunity and I don't mean to be insensitive towards them, but man, if only the anguish and frustration at the glacial pace of this ended with the visa grant.
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