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Found 26 results

  1. Hi. Need clarity please... We have applied for a 489 SA which is currently being processed, we have since received an invite for a 190 NSW, which we want to apply for? So what happens now? 1. Does one override the other? 2. If yes, which one? 3. Will we have problems if we have a 489 granted when they start processing the 190? 4. Can they decline processing the 190, when they see we already have state sponsorship on 489? 5. If go and activate 489, and then 190 gets approved, how do we then activate the 190 if we are already onshore? Thanks
  2. MichKen

    Our 489 visa process

    I have been keeping a bit of a journal of our process in the "about me" section, but realized this may not be useful to future applicants with similar circumstances to mine as this is not searchable. So, I decided some time ago that once our Visa was approved, I would transfer this "journal" into the actual journal section. I hope this helps someone, at some point in the future. This way I can also add to this as we progress on this journey to our new homeland........ First a bit about us: We are a family of 4, well into our 40's, with my husband hitting 50 later this year. So we are not young, we are well established in our lives and leaving South Africa was never really on our future plans. Our children are both in high school, with our son finishing school this year. Our motivation to move: As our son grew up and entered his last years of high school, the reality of the limited opportunities available to him began to dawn on us, we started actively encouraging him to pursue a career that would take him out the country, were he would have a better chance "it's too late for us", we told him, but he should do that. At that stage, the fees must fall movements started gaining momentum and becoming particularly prominent and seemingly violent, and I started to get really worried about him attending university here, even if he can get in, will he be safe.....? What kind of future will our daughter have when she gets to that stage? I don't want to bash my country, but the leadership crisis, the lack of integrity and the uncertainty, crime, etc. did weigh in our minds and was also a part of this decision. The pull factor once we decided on Australia, and Adelaide in particular was the chance to live in a city which appears to be a blend of Grahamstown and PE, with a bit of the Cape.... small enough to not be a complete rat race but also big enough to have good enough job opportunities for us both. Good cultural element, beautiful beaches and wine farms! Great universities... and my position as high availability on their skills list! How we came to our decision: At the beginning of February 2016, an old friend was offered a transfer with his company to Houston, Texas in the USA, and we spoke about how fortunate he was to have this opportunity. Being much more knowledgeable than we are on these things, he brought to our attention that my career is actually a scarce skill in some countries and suggested we look at Canada. We did, and the bug bit... With the decision made that we could consider emigrating, we started to really explore our options. Canada, then Ireland, New Zealand.... then almost like I was being called to it, Australia. Why called, every day during that period, on my route to work, I drove past a sign (literally) on the side of the road "Migrate2Oz". Each day I would drive past this sign and look at it... while we were contemplating other countries as a new home. After a few weeks of seeing this daily, we decided to look into it, we made contact with that agent, had an assessment done and that was it. This is how it unfolded from there. As I mentioned this is the journal I was keeping as we progressed, so excuse the varying tenses, tones, etc. 08 March 2016 - made the decision to give this emigration thing a try, time and age is not on my side, so it's now or never... 16 March 2016 - appointed the migration agent, Migrate2Oz, after a good deal of research; decided we need the help and guidance and they seem to have a good reputation and success rate. Finances a concern at this stage because it seems rather daunting to come up with the figures quoted. Faith tells me that if this is His Will we need not worry about anything. On appointment, agent requested skills evidence documents and I had my first experience of the roller coaster ride that is called Migration! How was I EVER going to get that... convinced I had just wasted 5 grand, I gave up. .....Nearly! Epiphany! Research! Contacting old bosses and next thing I knew, it was done and the agent was happy we could submit. My first introduction to the waiting game that is also Migration. Sometime in April 2016 - Applied for unabridged everything! 26 April 2016 - Lodged skills assessment with AIM for HR Manager ??? praying hard for success. Now for the anxious waiting...... I was not convinced I was going to get a positive skills assessment. Everything I read online told me this was not an easy one to get. The more I read, the more convinced I was that I was not going to make it. "The LORD will fight for you, you need only BE STILL" Exodus 14:14 21 May 2016 - wrote PTE test, was NOT a walk in the park, have to redo .....still waiting for assessment outcome from AIM. I decided not to throw more good money after bad, and that I would rather wait and see if I got a positive skills assessment before trying again. In hindsight, I wish that I had continued trying, at least tried once more. This is where we lost our 190, if I had more (I don't know.... confidence? faith?...) I should have done Pearson again or gone for IELTS during this waiting period. What I don't understand is that I was at first set on doing IELTS because it's accepted more generally for migration to other countries, why did I get stuck on PTE? 17 August 2016 - finally got my skills assessment results ? Positive result received ??? ..............but only 6 years have been recognized (which I kinda anticipated would happen) but that 5 less points! .....still waiting for husband and daughter ubc, applied in back April. Now DHA may delay us. Have faith...! ...now I have to write the English tests and score Superior English to have enough points. 22 August 2016 - rewrote PTE, seemed even more difficult than first time. Scores were slightly better though and enough to get us a 489 visa. Discussing this with hubby we decided it's PR or nothing...! This is where the wheels came off for me; with the time pressure, and so much at stake, it just wasn't happening for me on the English test front. Each score for speaking was lower than the previous one! My confidence took a massive knock and I just felt plain stupid. People who knew about this were also quite insensitive about my failure. This was a difficult period for me! It was lonely too because no one could understand why I was struggling with this part; I'm known to be a "grammar nazi", with a strong vocabulary.... perhaps it was nervous anxiety or my typical over-analyzing, but it just got worse and worse... Again, I nearly gave up; in fact I had said I was doing one last test, then I'm done! But, my stubbornness would not allow that; I was determined to beat this English test thing! I decided that Pearson needed to know that there is something wrong with their program/system and that somehow it was biased toward me. I wrote to every email address I could find. Lo and behold, I got a response from a very sympathetic lady, somewhere in the organization, who offered to put my tests through a "SEM check", for free - so I sent her all my test IDs. She did the SEM check and they (my tests) failed, meaning my test scores are not an accurate reflection of my actual test performance! WHAT? She then offered to send them all for review, for free. 2 months later I was fully refunded for 4 out of the 5 tests! So, apparently PTE is not for everyone and I'm one of those whom it's not for... I felt so vindicated! 15 October 2016 - 5 PTE attempts later, results were 5 x 90's for listening and writing and above 80 for reading; 5 x (roughly) 40's for my home language in speaking... I did the IELTS on 08 October, waiting for results, one week to go - this WAS my last attempt at an English test before calling it quits completely. All 5 PTEs sent for review and taking longer than it should to get feedback. Waiting is definitely the most difficult part of this process....! But.... I must admit, I actually enjoyed writing the IELTS test, the test was challenging, but fun. Wouldn't mind doing it again, if I had time. I know exactly where I went wrong and how to fix it for next time. 21 October 2016 - IELTS score L - 9.0, R - 8.5, S - 9.0, W - 7.5 ? So, therefore no 190 visa for us, and no time for a rewrite. While I was waiting for the results, I started reading up about the 489, which we had dismissed outright earlier in the year.... actually not a bad alternative! Not ideal, but not bad! It will present some challenges, but not unmanageable ones. Research done about school and medical, it's affordable, again we would prefer not, but we can do it! Our challenge will be our sons education as we are not likely to be able to afford international university fees, but perhaps he can redo grade 12 there while we find our feet, then take a gap year and work and then once we have PR, he can go to university. He will have to work because he will need to apply for his own 887, if he is not studying. Alternatively, if they have a bridging program of sorts, he can study that, he just needs to keep studying full time to be included i our 887 application. 25 October 2016 - EOI and SS submitted for 489 visa. 23 November 2016 - Received our Invitation to Apply ????????? 01 December 2016 - 489 Visa Application Lodged ?? now for the nightmare task of gathering all the employment evidence.... another "how the heck will I get all that" blindside! But the usual "panic - calm down - think - epiphany - research - dig - knock on old contacts doors - done" routine that has pulled me through before, thankfully worked again and before I knew it, I had it all, and then some! A valuable reminder as to why I try hard to never burn bridges! And a valuable lesson in being better in future about personal record keeping. The waiting period I'm currently in is intensely punctuated with fear (perhaps more accurately phrased, a paranoia) of what can go wrong, with my mind believing that the worst case scenario will inevitably play out in real life.... perhaps this journey is about learning to truly "trust and obey, there's no other way..." just have learn to let it go, it's now out of my hands, my part is done. "The LORD will fight for you, you need only BE STILL" Exodus 14:14.... 12 December 2016 - Case Officer assigned? but we still don't have Kens birth certificate! Time to go "postal" on the DHA, email after email after email, (about 10 to be exact), and I eventually managed to get it sorted out - within 3 hours of mailing the ministers office, I got a PHONE CALL to say it was ready for collection! Not an SMS... a personal phone call! 14 December 2016 - Police Clearance certificates issued? 05 January 2017 - Medicals done @ Rosebank with Dr Cobb, seems all good!? Dr Cobb is an interesting man, he could tell how anxious I was, he heard how my heart was pounding.... he was so professional, entertaining and moved through everything very quickly. Really put us all at ease. 09 January 2017 - all evidence uploaded, now for the final agonizing wait....??? ...as we wait we have time to think of the many things we would do differently now with the benefit of hindsight, most importantly I would have done IELTS first (or at least sooner), which would have meant time to retry and go with a 190; and secondly, I would have tried for a direct grant. This waiting is so difficult and no fun at all. 10 February 2017 - second request for information from VPO, felt like my heart would stop when I saw the change in application status... was immediately convinced something had gone horribly wrong and we were about to be declined or something terrible has happened- I felt myself shaking like a leaf and an overwhelming sense of "dread" is the best word for what I was filled with.... only to discover that it was a simple little matter of incorrect loading of documents. One x birth certificate and three x passports. Man, I'm bummed that could have been a grant! These were loaded with mine, in one file, and not in the persons own profile. Now back to the waiting room we go, for goodness knows how long, best I can gather from research is another 2 to 4 weeks wait, but there is very little data to inform this. Argh! 25 February 2017 - I really don't have the patience for this wait, in a couple of weeks it will be the anniversary of us making this decision, but with all these delays and struggles, what should have taken us 6 to 8 months has taken 12 months! It has taken a lot of tenacity and determination to get us to this point, but I'm now at the end of my tenacity and determination, and desperately needing some certainty now, our lives have been in limbo for a year with "if we stay/if we go" scenario planning. Emigration is NOT for the faint-hearted! We plan to go at the end of the year, yet in my heart I know it will take all we have to not just get on a plane and go if our Visa is granted. In the meantime we wait... I check my immiaccount 4 times between waking up and 09:00AM, with that heart sinking feeling each time when I see the words "assessment in progress". I spend all my spare moments searching the Net for some clarity on how long we will now have to wait and if our Visa will be granted next time, answers Google just doesn't seem to have for me. So, another week has past and we are reaching our 3-months-since-application mark on Thursday, will we be part of the 75%? Will this next week bring us some certainty? 09 March 2017 - not feeling quite so frustrated with this waiting thing anymore, and thinking perhaps that is the life lesson here. I have come to the point of realizing that my Heavenly Fathers timing is always perfect and that it is best for us to just wait because our Visa will only be valid for 4 years and we can only leave in December 2017 and so each day in SA with our Visa is one less day in Australia with our Visa, so the wait is actually good! It's actually a gift! As much as I have a need to know, I recognize that this is just my vain attempt to control this process, which is now out of my hands! So, the verse that has pulled me through the last year, remains my comfort "The LORD will fight for you, you need only BE STILL" Exodus 14:14 19 March 2017 - we are now on day 108 since lodging and solidly into the triple digits. Strange that they (triples) used to scare me when I saw them in other people's posts, and really hoped we would not have to get there... yet here we are and they are much less scary than they looked. Getting here has been tough, I have been through a myriad of emotions from anger to frustration but for nearly 2 weeks now it has just been okay! que sera sera! This attitude I have found to be most liberating. Last week Thursday it was officially one year since we appointed our agents, and I still feel I would do it again, I have no regrets. I feel so very blessed that we could even get THIS far, it's been a difficult year and I am grateful for the gift of a persevering spirit to make sure I never gave up. The waiting room time is currently being used by research into education options for our son who matriculates later this year and it leaves me with a sense of awe that God has really got this well in planned. The uni option is not likely going to be an option to us as I doubt we will afford the international student fees, but I discovered the TAFESA colleges recently and they are such a fantastic alternative to bridge the two year gap and keep him a student.... the credits gained can also count towards a degree later. Perfect! Until our time comes, which we hope will be by April, I am praying hard that whatever our Fathers Plan may be for our futures and whenever He may choose to reveal His great plan, we are grateful and thankful for the current peace of mind that all will be okay, whatever the outcome, HE has got this! 07 April 2017 - After 13 months, after climbing numerous difficult hills, waiting.... waiting.... and some more waiting, we have finally been blessed with a Visa Grant. I can say categorically that nothing about this process is easy, especially at our age; but enough about that! We waited 126 days from our application to grant, with 8 week intervals between 3 x VPO contacts, exactly 40 working days between each, first to second and then second to grant. It must have taken until about midday for it to register that it has actually finally happened. It was a surreal experience, and I was convinced I had dreamed the whole thing. So far, we have told only a small handful of people, who have bitter sweet reactions for us. I don't want to feel like I am boasting, so I'm not sure how to approach this subject with others. My mother is the most beautiful person I know. She is now thrust into complete uncertainty with us planning to leave, yet she is celebrating in our success. Leaving her behind is going to be by far THE hardest and most worrying part of leaving. She has been my dependent for 12 years, completely relying on me, for everything. This is a big worry for me because although we are 5 children the others can't really take care of her financially. She turns 80 soon, and she doesn't want to leave the country, doesn't even want to fly. But, I have complete faith that Gods got this too! He has a plan here and has worked out every intricate detail, including her living arrangements when we go. Trust and Obey! Having said that, I will be researching visitors visa types for her, flying will take some convincing, but I'm sure we can get her to at least try....
  3. As I see the homeless man on the side of the road this morning on my way to work, I felt some guilt. Why have I been offered such a great opportunity? Grace Background So after 18 months, a couple of delays and what seemed to be a test of our faith and patience, our 489 Visa to Tasmania was finally granted on 16 January 2019. This date I will remember and the the song playing in my car will forever be part of me going into the future. We started the process in July 2017 and our final submission happened at the end of September 2018. Since then we were waiting and waiting. In all honesty that was the hardest part. Getting all the paperwork together and filling out endless amounts of forms were challenging, but at least you were doing something. Waiting for approval feels so powerless. So we just decided to trust God on this and finally we were rewarded yesterday. Why Tasmania? That question I have asked myself numerous times. Sometimes our journey takes us to places you never would've expected. Here's the thing though, the more research we do on that small little island, the more impressed we are with the lifestyle and community. In fact, I have started to prefer this option to Adelaide, which was our other one. Our journey has begun today. Our goal of PR is still far away, so we still have some miles to go. 2 years of living there and 12 months of work is the criteria and then the applications start all over. We are ready and we know we are blessed beyond measure. That's probably where all the mixed feeling come in. So mixed and so all over the place. Currently I am just trying to focus on channeling it all into happiness although I am sure there's going to be loads of tears in the next couple of months. Some advice given Bite sized chunks - The process of visa applications have 4 steps. Approach each one diligently and don't worry about the timing and the next process. It will drive you crazy. Worry about now, the next form or next test. Plan, but don't plan. Once you start the process you are going to feel like you are living in limbo, so stop spending on stuff and spend on experiences. It's much more fulfilling and as you miss South Africa, savour the memories you made while still here. You won't miss your fancy furniture. Read or listen The Barefoot Investor - It's a great guide for doing money matters correctly from the get go. I'm definitely implementing that when I get to Tas. Ask a question. If you want to know something about our journey, ask away. I love meeting new people. Some advice asked We are flying out in March, so we have a lot to do. I don't want to waste time when I get there. In order of importance, what would you advise we do first so that we don't fall into any issues getting admin issues sorted out. Let me know your experiences. Name the best value for money suburbs to look at with proper schools for primary and nursery schools.
  4. veinkamerer

    School enrollement

    Hi all. We are currently waiting for our 489 visa to get granted. Could take up to 7 months still. Our son will be in grade 6 next year and our daughter grade 4 ( South Africa ). What would happen if we immigrate, lets say April-June 2018? Will they be able to be enrolled in a school and how will it affect them starting so late in the year. (keep in mind we are mostly Afrikaans speaking) Will they be able to adapt ? We are looking at public schools.
  5. Hi all My wife and I are looking to apply for the 489 Invited Pathway family sponsored visa ASAP. I am hoping to get some advice/clarification on a few things if anyone knows? My details: - CA(SA) - Work Experience: 3 years articles (completed CTA / Honours during year 1); 6 years post-articles. All outside Australia. - PTE results: L/R/W/S = 68/90/66/90 - Age: 33 years - Family sponsor = my uncle (my mother’s brother) residing in Maudsland, Queensland. My score estimation = 80 points (including the 10 points from family sponsor) Questions: 1. What documents are required to prove family lineage? My estimation would be: (a) My birth certificate (b) My Mother’s birth certificate (c) My uncle’s birth certificate (d) My parents’ marriage certificate (due to diff in surnames) (e) My grandparents’ marriage certificate Really hoping (d) and (e) aren’t required. 2. Is there a requirement that the family sponsor has to financially support the applicant? 3. I know this VISA is not permitted if the sponsor lives in Brisbane or Sydney. My uncle lives in Maudsland which is fine. Would I be able to work in Brisbane but live in Maudsland in terms of this VISA? 4. Should I apply to CAANZ for my skills assessment based on my current PTE results? Asking in case I choose to redo the PTE test to get better results for the main VISA application? 5. I read that only ten 489 visas were granted in October round. Are 489 visas awarded in every month like the 189? What is the percentage granted of those applied? Was it 10/15 or 10/150? Hoping I’ve been comprehensive enough with everything. I know there is always a ticking clock so having found this VISA I’m looking to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Thanks everyone!
  6. DigiGander

    Work restrictions on a 489

    We are almost done with our 489 application to Tasmania. I have heard some rumours that you are not allowed to have a permanent job and a side gig that supplements your income. I am a marketer, but I also do wedding photography on the side as a paying hobby. I just want to make sure we don't get into any trouble with the immigration authorities if I set up a side business along with permanent employment.
  7. veinkamerer

    489 to a 887

    Anyone that went on a 489 regional skilled visa and applied for 887 pr. Did you have any difficulties and/or issues being on a 489 and then converting to a 887. Positives and negatives please. Thank you.
  8. DigiGander

    489 & 190 Regional loopholes

    Has anyone gone the route of a 489 for Tasmania and ended up in another low-density region? The reason I ask is that we can get a 489 or 190 for Tasmania but want to go to Adelaide rather. Is this a big risk?
  9. This morning we received the great news that we have been invited to lodge an application for our 489 visa to Tasmania. After months of document gathering and phoning old employers, finally we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. All of a sudden a million things run through your mind and a bunch of questions, like for instance now I am wondering about full PR. Does anyone know how long you have to stay in the territory that's invited you in order to get a full PR? What is that full PR code going from a 489? Any way, we are elated, however we are not counting our chickens and will be putting in the same effort to finalise the lodging of our visa and receiving our final granted visa. I am sure those of you who have been through this, you would know it is pretty hectic, but if you take it one step at a time, work at night and stay patient, it is definitely something that can be achieved. We started our journey on the 14th of July 2017. If all goes well, then we will board a plane in January 2019. It sounds like it's far, but it most definitely is not. Anyway, just some happiness on this day, the 23rd of May 2018. You are welcome to comment on the way forward and how you experiences the lodging process. It will help us prepare ourselves mentally.
  10. veinkamerer

    Tasmania school fees

    We are going to Tasmania on a 489 visa. Could anyone help us out with what the school fees are at public schools for kids on a 489?
  11. veinkamerer

    Immigration laws

    This past week I've read some articles regarding probably changes to visas and visa grants. From time periods of applying for PR to qualifying and receiving citizenship. There is also an article about "is Australia big enough for the the migrants entering Australia?" and that they could maybe cut on the amounts of visas issued. My question is... when we apply for a visa and you buy into its rules and regulations at that specific time, can the dep. of immigration change the conditions for that specific visa? eg. 489 regional sponsorship ... 2 years living in a regional area and 1 year work to qualify for 887 PR and then 2 years on that 887 you qualify for citizenship. Maybe a stupid question, but one that got us a bit thinking and are uncertain about. Thank you.
  12. We are considering Australia (as well as Canada) as options for immigration. We have had two free assessments done for Australia and both resulted in different conclusions about what we are eligible for. The one assessment states that we are eligible to apply for a 489 Skilled State Nominated Provisional Visa (application to South Australia) as a Life Science Technician (I am in my final PhD year and have over 10+ years experience in conservation). I am turning 41 in February and therefore time is not on my side. I will adding two dependent children and a 37 year old partner to my application. An assessment of my points according to the information I provided were as follows: Age 15 points; English language (potential) 20 points; Work experience 15 points; Qualification 20 points; State sponsorship 10 points = Total points scored 80 points. Is there anyone else on the forum (40 or over) applying for this visa and would like to share their experience and advice?
  13. veinkamerer

    School enrollement

    Hi all. We are currently waiting for our 489 visa to get granted. Could take up to 7 months still. Our son will be in grade 6 next year and our daughter grade 4 ( South Africa ). What would happen if we immigrate, lets say April-June 2018? Will they be able to be enrolled in a school and how will it affect them starting so late in the year. (keep in mind we are mostly Afrikaans speaking) Will they be able to adapt ? We are looking at public schools.
  14. Nkosi


    Has anyone received 489 grants lately? ,was wondering because we lodged ours 3mnths ago but still no outcome
  15. VTRMalan

    Where do you start?

    Good day, My wife and I have decided to move to Australia after my mom passed away earlier this year. I have a brother (PR) and Sister(Citizen) in Perth as well as my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins (Citizens). We feel it is a better future for our 3 year old son. Obviously we have many questions and what to do's????? We applied for the unabridged certificates, and have received hers and my sons. Still waiting for mine and the unabridged wedding certificate. My main question is how do you go about doing a skills assesment?? Regards
  16. Hi Friends, I have applied for 489 - South Australia - Regional sponsored. CO assigned last week. I was told, once the visa is granted, we should visit Oz within 60 days to get visa stamped. Is this true. I tried checking DIBP web site, but couldn't get info in this regard. Pls advise. Thanks
  17. Hello Everybody, So after front loading all our documents on Friday night (9 October 2015), we received our grant letters this morning (12 October 2015)!! A whole one working day later (not even). We logged on this morning to see if a case officer had been assigned but were surprised to find the visa's finalized Our migration agents e-mailed us shortly after the grant letters. I feel like I was running a race and someone sweeped me up and put me on the finish line. Exhausted and relieved. So can we leave now?? Haha, I know that the real work starts now with preparing to go but i'm so eager. There's something uplifting in knowing that we can go to Australia whenever we please.
  18. Barbie

    489 Tax

    Hi Everyone I hope there is someone out there who is a tax fundy. We are in Australia on a 489 Visa and I have just been offered a job. GREAT!!! Now I need to apply for a Tax File Number. According to the ATO website it appears that I can tick the block of residence in Australia for tax purposes, even though it is not considered so by other government agencies. They say you need to apply the resides test. See the web link below. https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/International-tax-for-individuals/Work-out-your-tax-residency/Residency-tests/?anchor=P90_7464#P90_7464 If you disagree with this, please can you let me know. My next question is can I then also apply for the Tax Free threshold? I can't seem to find clear picture on the ATO website about this. Thank you for your help. Barbie
  19. Hi, we are applying for a 489 visa and have been sponsored by SA. I have heard that although you have been sponsored by a specific state, the is no reference to this on your visa and when you then apply for 887 visa they do not question this. Does this mean one can take a chance and settle in another qualifying regional designated area in another state. No intention to do so but just looking at all options job wise. Feedback would be greatly appreciated
  20. Please could we have some of your opinions and views and advice on this Visa? as well as on QLD. Hubby is a carpenter and site supervisor, writing his English test on 10 January and hopefully the VETASSESS interview early February. He turns 40 in April and will then lose 10 points so there is a big push to get everything in before then. (most documents have already been compiled and submitted to the agents so we are all good there) We have signed up with an agent, who has advised that we apply for a 489 Skilled State Nominated Provisional Visa. Currently the state offering sponsorship for carpenters in terms of their SMP is Queensland. (We were hoping for WA, but have since been researching QLD and it looks amazing!) Anyone in a trade living in QLD? If so, please could you share with us! We are wondering if this is the best/right Visa to go for? (we have researched the facts on immi, but want some peoples opinions on this) Honestly, we are concerned about not being able to live or work in the main cities. What if we can't find a job in a regional area. . . it just seems like we are minimising our opportunities? Hubby says that QLD would not be sponsoring a 489 provisional visa for carpenters if there was not a demand for carpentry/site supervisor jobs in those areas - would you say this is correct? And that finding a carpentry job would be easy-ish? (decking, kitchens, pergolas, BIC's etc etc) If anyone has any info, advice, opinions etc on this VISA, as well as on trades in QLD and life in general in QLD, we would REALLY appreciate it!! Thank you :-)
  21. Hi All I have a question concerning where I am allowed to work on a 489 visa. I understand that to meet the requirements of the visa, I need to live for two years in a regional area and work for one year in a regional area. Once I have done both of these, I can move to a metropolitan area and apply for PR. I have four years from inception of the visa to achieve this. My question is whether I am allowed to work for a period of time FIRST in a Metropolitan area, then work in a Regional area. My logic, in the four years I can work in a regional area for one year and then spend three years working in a Metro area (this is perfectly legitimate on the visa). Would it be legal however, to work in a metro area for a year first, for example and then move to a regional area? My reasoning for this question is that currently I am in South Africa and looking for reasonable work in my line is difficult to find in Regional areas. So what I was hoping I could do, was to find a job in a Metro area and move to Australia (and hopefully live in a regional area and commute to work). Once I am there, I can then look for work in a Regional area (or see if I can move with the company I am with). This would allow me to meet the requirements of the visa in the four year period and looking for work in a Regional area when I am in Australia should be easier. Please understand I am NOT asking if I could get away with this without the Australian Government finding out . That is possibly probable, but I am not prepared to take any chances with my visa. Once I leave South Africa, I don’t want to have to come back because I messed up on a technicality . Thanks for the input.
  22. Hi All, So, Our 489 visa Application was submitted and paid on 20 June 2014. This morning we got a Case Officer. YEAH!!!! BUT: The case officer asked for the following documents on the check list: From Main Applicant: - Evidence of overseas Qualification( this is probably hubby's SA Qualification) - Evidence of skills assesment( Done this) - Evidence of overseas work experience( done this for skills assement,so we have this) I have no doubt that this is just another hurdle, and our agent will do this with no issues. it's just a strange request. I was under the impression, that once a case officer is allocate, they only request medicals and police clearance if it's not been done yet. anyway. just happy to have a case officer, and the requests aren't out of reach.
  23. Hi to all. Let us know if your visa is granted this month. I'm curious to see if the notice below is having any impact. I'm also waiting in angst. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/processing-srs.html Processing of Skilled Regional Sponsored General Skilled Migration VisasPriority processing arrangements apply to most skilled migration applications. These arrangements are set by a Ministerial Direction and determine the order in which the department considers applications. Each year visa planning levels are set by the government for the programme year which forms the Migration Programme. The Migration Programme determines the maximum number of visas that can be granted in each visa category each year. The Migration Programme planning levels take precedence over priority processing arrangements which can affect the order in which applications are considered during the programme year. The current planning level for the Skilled Regional Sponsored General Skilled Migration (GSM) category for the 2013-14 programme year is 28 850 visa places. This category is for applicants who have been sponsored by an eligible relative or those who are nominated by a state or territory government agency. Skilled Regional Sponsored visas include: Skilled Sponsored subclass 176Skilled Nominated subclass 190Skilled Regional Sponsored subclass 475Skilled Regional Sponsored subclass 487Skilled Regional (Provisional) subclass 489Skilled Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional) subclass 496Skilled Sponsored subclass 886.From February 2014, the Skilled Regional Sponsored GSM category has a limited number of visa places remaining. The remaining places will be allocated in line with the priority processing arrangements as follows: decisions on state and territory nominated subclass 190 and 489 applications; thenfamily sponsored subclass 489 applications; andany other Skilled Regional Sponsored GSM applications currently in the final stages of processing. This includes subsequent entrant subclass 489 applications which are exempt from the priority processing arrangements.Applicants can check the current allocation dates for General Skilled Migration applications on the department's website.
  24. When my brother-in-law did a LSD in 2012, he came back and mentioned that it was possible to apply for immigration before I was fifty (in Oct 2014). We scoffed at it at first but phoned the lawyers next day and there it was. We were short of points because of age, but this could be made up with state sponsorship and getting 8plus on each IELTS category (got 8.5,9,8,9 on second try). I'm saying this not to brag but to illustrate that it is doable. As you can see below, we are in the final stages and hope to be in Adelaide before the end of 2014. I'm in a senior position here, and hope to find a decent opportunity in Aus. I'm pragmatic that we may need to take a step down for a bit. Why are we doing this? Apart from all the normal reasons (I have all university going kids by 2015), it's a chance of an adventure, to try something new, to get out of the rut we're in, to not make the same mistakes as we've done here (fancy cars and a bond that will choke moby dick!), smell the roses. Talk about change of life! I see a lot of young immigrants on this forum, and it's wonderful. But the message here is rather to those like me who thought it was impossible, that they were too old or set in their ways. I didn't teach the old dog new tricks, I put it out of its misery. Are we apprehensive? Worried about settling in? Yes we are. But we're also excited about making the change and doing something new. I hope that this will give you that nudge that you need.
  25. Hi there All. We have just been granted a 489 Visa three days ago. Would any one be able to tell me what the cost would be For Schooling per month or per annum for two kids (primary and High school) would be on a 489 Visa. And the cost for Medical care would be. I will appreciate any response regarding the costs.
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