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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone! We recently received our 189 visas, flight tickets are booked to Melbourne in May. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where we can find a room to rent in the area it will be appreciated (it's just hubby and I with our suitcases)? Also, if anyone knows of any work in the area, we would be extremely grateful. Hubby has red seal trade for instrumentation and has been working in a petrochemical plant and coal mine the last couple of years, but willing to do any job really. We also don't mind moving to a more regional area (will go where ever
  2. Hi everyone I joined the forum a few months ago and have really enjoyed reading the journals. So I decided I would write my own, it serves as a nice repository of the experience. I'll try keep the details to a minimum. 1. We (hubby and I) started our journey in 2013 by signing up with a migration agent - it used to be called Ivan Chait and Associates and is now part of the Sante Fe Group (EXCELLENT service!) 2. We applied for a 189 VISA with my husband as the applicant and received a direct grant in November 2013. 3. We got married in October 2013. 4. Sin
  3. Hi All, Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! My wife is a physiotherapist and I am an engineering technologist (Civil engineering: water). Are there any physio's out there that have done the assessment with AHPRA? We believe that it is a lengthy and expensive process - apparently, my wife would need to go to Aus for the second part of the process (Practicals) as well (my wife is currently researching the assessment and registration). We have therefore been advised to look at entering Aus on my occupation and my wife does temporary work (possibly as a physio
  4. Hello We submitter our EOI on the 24th of October this year for a 189 Visa. So far we haven't heard a single thing. I was just wondering if this is normal?? Does submitting it mean we can just watch the draw's every two weeks and wait for an email that approves us? I'm a little lost on the process ... Thanks.
  5. There has been some recent talk about the change in service standards for visa processing times. I thought a slightly more detailed look at publicly available data might help those who, like myself, are patiently waiting. The following figures are based on data drawn from myimmitracker.com on 15 March 2017 for the current (partially completed) cycle, and the two previous visa allocation cycles. Figure 1 shows the (smoothed) probability mass, while Figure 2 is the cumulative distribution. If anyone is interested, the data strongly follows a log-normal distribution.
  6. Hi all My wife and I have made the decision to emigrate to Australia (Queensland is where we want to move to), and I have done a lot of reading on the visa process. I used the online points calculator and I am sure that I would get 65 points, using either the nominated employment category "electronics trade worker" or "engineering manager" as I have been working as a production / operations manager for the last 8 years. my question to anyone on this forum would be, must my wife submit a RPL to ACS, for her skills (System analyst) to claim the points. She has over 6 years
  7. iceogre007

    Just Joined

    Good day Everyone, Me and my wife has started the process for a 189 visa. My wife will be the main applicant for a secondary teacher. I am currently in IT as a systems engineer. We are still at step 1 but hey we are already very excited. We were looking at Queensland maybe brisbane. This forum is a great resource and I enjoy reading everyone's experiences and information. Regards
  8. Hi all, I am stoked I found such a great resource and hi to everyone. I am currently in the process of applying for a 189 ( as Analyst Developer) and wanted to get some opinions as I can't seem to find any threads on it. I am currently self employed and developing my own online SaaS services, so I do not have an employer or partner and the clients utilising the services are not commissioning technical work. Prior to my current venture (6 years) I started and was 50% owner of a successful digital agency that I exited after 10 years. I wanted to see if anyone else had a similar situatio
  9. Hi guys I am currently busy completing the 189 visa application. So far everything seems quite straightforward , just have a few quesions. Hoping anyone who has lodged can assist. 1). Under the employment section for myself and wife, it requires the start date (Date from), as well as end date (Date to) for each of your jobs in the last 10 years. However, it does not allow you to leave the "Date to" field empty when capturing your current job. Surely my current job does not have an end date. So what date do I add? 2). I am not claiming points for my partner's skills, but see the application st
  10. I received the golden email this morning! And all this after uploading the last of my required information on Sunday evening! 2 days turn around time?! From payment to visa grant a total of 4 weeks! This is unheard of here in SA! I just want to personally thank MarkSalter, sianvz, and last but not HadEnoughofJuJu, Steven, thank you for answering all my questions, as silly as some of them were. Without you guys and this forum, this would have been impossible! Haigen
  11. Hi all What are the main differences between these VISAs besides the fact that the 190 has the limitations of where you live and work? Are there cost benefits of one over the other? Are there differences in the application process? Why would someone apply for 190 visa over 189 visa? thanks
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