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  1. Hi Folks, My husband has asked me to get in touch and we're hoping you can shed some light for us. Considering the minimum required number of points for a 189 visa is 60 points, I was wondering whether anyone had done an EOI on exactly 60 points and been invited to apply for a 189, and how long it took to be invited on 60 points? By comparison, anyone with 65-70 points, and how long that took? My husband did his General IELTS in October and got 8-8-6.5-6.5, not individual scores of 7+, so although the requirement for IELTS in terms of positive skills assessment has been met, he won't be gran
  2. So guys 'n gals, After an epic fight with ACS I finally got my skills assessment letter back today, with a suitable skills assessment. What a fight, it read like a frigging War and Peace novel. You guys gonna love this....I did a piece of work for a utility that had me auditing/reviewing over 700 project and programmes worth more than $800million. I got top notch references from the client as well as the senior GM. ACS folk at STILL didn't recognize this as "professional level work" and refused to sore the work done. I got awards for the fashion with which I handled the single most complex aud
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have insights to the processing times from the submission of an EOI to the time of visa invitation, with the following parameters: Have 60 points Skills are 261111 ICT Business Analyst I'm getting some wildly different opinions etc from various blogs, some people saying they waited almost a year as a result of so many people applying and them only having the bare 60 points. Any insights welcome, the reason for my question is that I have 3.5 months left on my 457....
  4. Hi everyone! My brother in law has just finished submitting his EOI with 60 points. Can anyone give me an indication of the current waiting period for an invitation? I know this can vary, but any info or experience you can share will help. Thank you! Elmarie
  5. Hi, I applied for Victoria SS this last week and just wanted to know if the invite could come sooner than 12 weeks stipulated on the site. I've already submitted EOI for both 189 (60 points) and 190 (65 points) for occupation 261312. I submitted 189 in Nov and after much frustration waiting, decided to submit 190 this last week. Much appreciated.
  6. After receiving a positive skills assessment for an occupation on the WA SS CSOL we now still need 5 points due to the dreaded IELTS (Writing) - Who writes by hand these days anyway I have a Bachelors Degree in a different field, not related to the SS Occupation, but not sure if claiming these points are allowed - it does add an additional 15 points to the total, but is this allowable? As this was never part of the plan, we also do not know what the process is to get this qualification 'verified' as well as how long it takes... Will it be better, safer, quicker to just delay (again) while wa
  7. Hi guys, Quick question. I do not want to claim points for work experience in my EOI application. Do I still need to fill that section out? Thanks, Timmin
  8. I am about to submit my EOI. from my own calculation,i should be getting 60 points for SS 190 for SA but the EOI system has given me 65 points.this is my break down age(25-32)-30 points qualification(bachelor)-15 IELTS(7)-10 SS(190)-5 work xprnce(less than 3 yrs)-0 BUT... somehow the system has given me 65 and i don't understand because i don't know where the extra 5 is coming from. Dear forumites,do you have any idea what is wrong with the system?i won't submit till i get it correct ie 60 points as i cannot prove any hidden 5 points which i actually i do not need. your views are needed ASAP,
  9. As most read in my previous post (http://www.saaustral...1-the-decision/), we had started with our fateful journey along the hoops and hops that is known to most as getting the EOI in to get an invite. Our agents (Global Visas) assigned Rene Smith as our case manager. We had our first telephonic "interview", basically a get to know one another session. After that we received access to our very own case management portal on their web site to track actions, upload documents and send messages between the parties. Very cool indeed. Not to mention all the other related services they offer like bank
  10. Hi, I havent posted in a while... Couldnt remember my log in details so I have just been reading as a 'guest'. All is well with me, settling in nicely! Made some friends, learning to surf...what can I say? I am worried about something on my BIL's EOI and invitation. I worked out their points and they should have sat at 60, but they have 65. I asked him about it and he sent me the points breakdown. They got 5 extra points for 'australian study requirement'. But he did not study in Australia? I was afraid they filled it in wrong so I asked. He says they only got asked about his qualification
  11. Killerjoe

    189 Visa

    Hi All Im new to this forum but its great to find a forum finally dedicated to South Africans going to Oz and visa versa. Thanks for all the infomation thus far. My wife had a job in Geraldton Regional Hospital as a Registered Nurse and we were supposed to go through to Western Australia by Feb 2013 but the job had to be Authorised by Head office in Perth were it fell through. The Health budget was cut and the jobs put on hold. We would have been on a 457 visa had that worked. We thought at that time to quit our endeavous due to the fustration we had been through for the past 3 years. She has
  12. As a matter of interest: has anyone tried to post MORE than one occupation for the Skillselect EOI?/ How do you do it? On your profile it allows for only one occupation/ skills assessment...what do you do if you have two skills assessments for two different occupations & it is for the same person...i.e. we cannot put a spouse down for the second application...any ideas?/ has anyone done this yet? Thks!
  13. Hey all, Well this is my first post. Just to give you an idea. I applied for my ACS assessment in November and have just received the confirmation. I've now put through my EOI with 65 points for ICT Business Analyst and am waiting for feedback. Hopefully all ICT Business Analysts can record all their experiences and help devoted to purely this skill set. So if anyone else is applying or has applied under 261111, I'd love to hear from you.
  14. Evening! I want to ask a question about the EOI. The date that I post on the EOI of my degree: I started in January 2004 and my final exam was November 2008, but my degree was only awarded June 2009. Which finish date should I put on the EOI? End 2008? or June 2009? Thanks
  15. Anybody know if they are having invites in November or December this year? I have someone who's interested, but I can't seem to see any indication on the DIAC SkillSelect site of announcements for invites in November. Any thoughts?
  16. Anybody know if they are having invites in November or December this year? I have someone who's interested, but I can't seem to see any indication on the DIAC SkillSelect site of announcements for invites in November. Any thoughts?
  17. Hi All Last night I was sitting behind my PC (checking the EOI details again) thinking what on earth could take the agents so long to "process" and submit the EOI. I have already created it and filled in all the information and there is after all nothing there that contradicts the information that I gave to the agents and it seems pretty straight forward to me. I completed all the job history and education details for my wife as requested as well as the IELTS results and reference number and skills assessment details, reference number and date that it was completed on. Not rocket science in my
  18. Hey everyone, Is there anyone that has submitted their EOI's and that have received an invitation yet? If so, how long did it take to get invited from date of submission? I'm guessing everyone is still waiting anxiously to see how the new system works? My EOI was submitted on Thursday 5 July.
  19. Yup, got the invite for our 189 Now the fun starts... *Shimmy shimmy, victory dance*
  20. The invitations started at midnight 15 September 2012 and guess what, at 16 minutes past midnight we got an invite for a 189 PR visa. At the moment I am trying very hard not to cry and go out of my mind. There are so many emotions going through my mind and at the moment I can't type properly.
  21. http://www.smh.com.au/business/the-economy/got-5-million-heres-a-visa-20120829-25057.html
  22. Hi Guys I am setting up our budget for the whole immigration process, but I cant seem to get the cost of submitting an EOI for skill select. Does anyone know what the cost is in A$? Thanks
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