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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone I hold a B.Ed in foundation phase teaching. The degree covers Gr R to Gr 3 (ages 5-9). Primary school teachers are NOT on the Skilled Occupation List, but Early Childhood teachers are. As far as I know Early Childhood in Australia refers to teaching children who are up to 8years old. So does that mean I qualify as an Early Childhood teacher for Visa purposes? My second question is whether my experience teaching in a Grade 2 class (age 7-8) would count as early childhood experience. Please help!
  2. Hi All Just some info and a little history so apologies for the lengthy details but we haven't really had anyone to talk to that understands our situation and frustration... My wife is an Early Childhood Teacher and the main applicant and i will be joining as her partner. We made the decision to look at Immigration in July 2015 and started by getting in contact with an agent who was referred through a Facebook group. We negotiated our fee, paid a deposit and things seemed to look good but then things took a turn when our agent wasn't responding to emails and questions. After waiting almost 2 weeks at one point i got on the phone and called the agent and the agent seemed very surprised that i had called but nonetheless was willing to answer my questions and then emailed me further information. The agent advised me that they would only reply based on what they thought was "important" which i took offence to but continued on the horrible ride... We had such a nightmare getting documents from UNISA as teachers require an Original Academic Transcript and Practical Letter for the Skills Assessment to be processed done which takes 10 weeks once the original documents are received by them in Australia. Then we had an absolute nightmare in waiting 11 months for my Unabridged Birth Certificate from Home Affairs when my wife's took less than 2 months but again we persisted and continued on our journey as we kept our hopes alive in the promise that all this would be worth it in the end. A year down the road and we have done IELTS twice and both times failed to make an 8 for writing, we have our Skills Assessment for Early Childhood Teacher which is on SOL and CSOL so we are positive that we will get an invitation however we only have 55 points in total as my wife will only have 3 years’ experience from the time she qualified in January 2017. We therefore decided to look at the 190 Visa as this would give us the additional 5 points to bring us to 60 and obviously Permanent Residency so we submitted two EOI applications as follows: • EOI 1 - Any State but selected 189 & 190 in the hope that the 2nd IELTS would have been better but submitted on the 14/05/2016 • EOI 2 - NSW and only 190 selected on the 10/07/2016 We are happy with NSW (Sydney) as we have family, friends and some support structure there but would also consider Victoria (Melbourne) i really want to know the following: 1) What are our chances of getting an invite for a state sponsorship for the additional 5 points under my wife's skill? 2) I have heard that the invitation round will open again at the end of July 2016 but does this run until the end of June 2017? 3) I have checked Immitracker and there aren't many Early Childhood Teachers on the list for 190 so i can’t really check how long the invites are taking... Could anyone give us some hope and perhaps tell us more about your similar experiences please Thank you so much, Deezo
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