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    Hi all roomies and all who have landed here in Australia. We arrived on the 19 January 2020 and are settling in nicely with our family. Experienced our first Australia Day at the beach in Currumbin . It was a long 4 year wait but in the end worth the wait. Now to do all the official things like,Medicare drivers license, tax number etc. went to get drivers license you need 5 points of reference to qualify ( only had 4) so will go to Medicare this week and sign up. Humidty on the Gold Coast is off the charts at moment after all the rain. Don't give up those waiting it will be worth the wait. PS: Dirk could you give me a call sometime to meet up. 0406601952
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    @CFDS. Thank you for posting this info. I am sure it will help others in the future.
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    @JIG Welcome to the Sunshine State! @JennyLeigh Welcome to the thread. @JIG. Yes please, keep posting as much and often as you can, since procedures change so often, it would be good to keep others informed. Just curious to know whether there is a MyGov office on the Gold Coast? And, would you say that the process, from the request for documents to Visa Grant is still more or less the same? Have a great day! Raining in Wynnum right now, so looking forward to a cooler day.
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    Welcome JIG. Iโ€™ll contact you. The rest of the roomies, byt vas! Like JIG said itโ€™s all worth it at the end.
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    Hi all, Asking for a family member who is qualified motor mechanic, specialising in Ford (8 years in the trade) wanting to immigrate to Australia. Are there any forumites who are either in the process or recently through it who are able to provide advise on the process please? Especially in relation to the skills list, skills assessment requirements, IELTS level requirements and visa class options incl. regional options, time it took from application to grant - basically ANY advise would be much appreciated! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ Anyone out there sponsoring at the moment?
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    In situations like this, speaking as a generalisation, the secondary applicant could become the primary applicant. In addition it is also possible to change sponsors further down the line if required.
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    No (generally speaking - there may be some exemptions in rare specified circumstances?). The similar onshore parent visa option would be the 864 Contributory Aged Parent visa.
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    @Megan123 Hi, on the VAC2 tax invoice as at 13.11.19 I paid $43,600.00. I paid via BPAY. Payment options: โ— BPAYยฎ (no surcharges incurred) โ— PayPal (surcharges apply) โ— payment by credit card through either Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, Diners (surcharges apply). Hope this help Good luck!
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