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    Hi @Sebst, The requirements for ACS are as per their site - meaning a bachelor degree with a major in an ICT subject, where the coursework is close to the skill, needs 2 years work experience related to that skill within the last 10 years to be considered "skilled" as far as the 189 goes. In my case, I had a diploma with an ICT major that was closely related to the skill (i.e. software dev), as well as 12 years experience working as a software dev. As per ACS guidelines, to consider me "skilled", ACS looked at my diploma + 5 years working experience. Anything thereafter could go to work experience, meaning I had 7 years work experience that I could use for points. If you're in doubt you can give them a call (I used skype credit and did exactly that) or send an email through and they'll clear it up 100% for you, but it looks as if those 2 years experience are a requirement for the 189.
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    Yes it seems to be moving a lot better . I would like to thank all who have participated in this forum for the help and inspiration . It has made the journey that much easier knowing more or less where your application is in the que. I hope the new applicants keep this site going as you can see the old hands keep coming back to give advice. Good luck to all. .
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    @FussyBee If I were you Id keep flights the same, and just send your mom or go with your mom on a weeks holiday to NZ / somewhere closeby.
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    Hi @Lorraine From my understanding, and I am not an agent but have been going through this process for coming up to 4 years, here is what I know: Regarding multiple streams, you can have them both running in Skill Select, but some states will not accept you if you are trying for another state. No clue - check Immitracker for a ROUGH estimate and be specific about the state. For the 189 there are no skills that are prioritised, only those which are pro-rata and yours is not one luckily. At time of submission, your partner will not have the skills assessment done so you would be lying on Skillselect. If you got picked and they caught you in a lie there would be MASSIVE issues.
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    Looked at all the options and returning to South Africa was the cheapest. Just made the December increases. Not necessarily the shortest. Consolation, second last flight 😁
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    @FussyBee all things being equal you should receive the invoice within a couple of weeks. That’s when the clock starts ticking. This is what I got. “ Evidence of intention to depart Australia The following information is required to consider this application further: 1. Applicants who have applied for a Parent visa and who are in Australia are required to make arrangements to depart Australia within twenty eight (28) days after the date of the request for payment of the 2nd VAC was made. Please provide within seven (7) days of today a scanned copy of their departure arrangements from Australia. Applicants should allow a minimum of 5 working days for a visa to be granted following departure from Australia. “ Hopefully it will help others.
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    As @Ike has mentioned above, once you are asked to pay 2nd VAC, you should advise your Case Officer that you (your parent\s) are onshore and arrange for immi to delay the issue of the 143 visa until they can be offshore. When they are onshore on a visitor's visa, they need to leave the country to "close" the visitor's visa. Only then can they return to activate the 143 visa. The 143 will be granted while they are offshore because they applied from offshore. It was the same when @Elza (who started this thread) arrived about a year ago. She went to Fiji for a few days to wait for her 143 visa to be granted. It's a good idea to make sure you have internet access when offshore to know when the 143 is granted.
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    😡.Bad news. tight schedule they give you. Hi Dirk. We have bought in Tallebudgera . Will Pm you Jan2020.
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    @FussyBee hi there my final AOS LETTER came through just now. Hope you will get today or tomorrow.
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    Not sure of payment method used by my son. On the invoice there are various options, ImmiAccount ,credit card,etc.
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    @FussyBee thats great on getting bank letter. Now centrelink will send Final AOS approval letter to you and immigration. Once immigration received final AOS letter, then they will ask second payment. Also regarding your question for visa grant. Please go to page 84-86 of this forum. You will find answer. One of member had same situation like your and they had to leave Australia for visa to be granted. Just go through those pages. good luck
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    The day has finally come. Received notification this morning VISA GRANTED. So now the real panic begins. Booking tickets, dog injection, furniture removal saying good byes. It has been a roller coaster ride from a 22 month wait to finally getting our visa 48 months later. We feel for those in the waiting room but keep up with time lines of other roomies it does help to more or less gauge how long you will wait. However it seems like the are on the move again with 143 and 173 visas. I will not leave this forum it has helped us stay in touch and will try and give advice where possible. Good luck to all waiting and anyone going to GOLD COAST lets catch up in the new year. Cheers for now.
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    @VGill took exactly 100 days from request for additional info to request for payment. Application accepted 30 October 2015.
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    Hi VGil. All my dates are on my post signature.I am sure you are not far away. GOOD luck.
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    Over the moon the wait is over. Just got letter to pay 2nd payment. 48 months later and we are on our way.
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    Just received a letter with an attached invoice that must be pain within 70 days. Once payment is made a decision will be made. We are on our way.
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    @FussyBee after submitting bank guarantee letter to centrelink, my friend got email from immi same night for second payment. Next day he paid amount and visa was granted following day. Assume he was just lucky that everything was done so quick. but as i said before there is no exact timeline or timeframe. Could take hours to weeks. also I received letter from centrelink just half hour ago. Hopefully you will get soon. I will go to bank tomorrow and do payment for centrelink. good luck
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    @FussyBee Hi FussyBee I also received phone call from centrelink last Friday for interview. In end, officer said they will send letter soon. Hopefully we both will receive by end of week. Also regarding timeline you asking, unfortunately there is no timeline as such. One of my friend got visa approved in 2 days after sending bank letter to centrelink. Everything was done so quickly. Another friend waiting more than 1 month now after sending bank letter to centrelink. I know its very frustrating as we all have to organise stuff. So just keep waiting as we are almost at finish. good luck and keep updating.
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    Hi Team3 I have extensive experience in preparing candidates for the IELTS test. The Writing section is often the biggest hurdle. I would be willing to check a sample of your writing, in the hope that I can point you in the right direction. If you "PM" me (never having sent or received a PM I am assuming it will arrive in my email inbox), I will let you know what I want you to write. Don't give up: it is really worth getting through the nightmare and reaping the benefits of all Australia has to offer. Witz
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    @FussyBee if it was me I wouldn’t mess with the system. My fear is that they reach their limit and then we wait until mid year. I had sent in a change in circumstances (travel plans) and it did not change anything.
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    Just found out the hard way. If you are in Australia when they invoice you for the second payment you have 28 days to leave and return. I had a planned trip some time back. 6 Nov. Invoiced second payment 8 Nov. Paid 10 Nov. Arrived, visitors visa. Planned trip long time ago. 11 Nov. Given until 3 Dec to leave Australia so that the parent visa can be issued. Given 5 days to provide proof of travel plans. Must give them 5 working days to issue the visa before returning to Australia. Costly exercise, both in time and money.
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