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    @ChrisH at $22k for your first year at primary school - its just about being in the "old money club" in Sydney.....you will never get the value for that in my opinion ....
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    @Maz That is great news! Well done and congrats.! Me, my story is good and bad. I have been working on and off and currently working in aged care as food server. I absolutely love it! The residents are lovely and colleagues so supportive. I have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and have had a double mastectomy. I have recovered very quickly from surgery and am back at work doing what I love. It has been tough but I made it. I am whole again.🙂 Despite the horrible virus, I feel positive and happy to be alive and well. Please keep me in your prayers. @Elza and @Onthemove. An update for you too. Stay strong buddies! Enjoy work and spread the love and joy.
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