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    I'm so glad for you! We applied one year before you did and have been here for more than two years already (since Sep 2017). We are looking after grand children a lot and our children have a bit more freedom to go out and have granny looking after the small ones. Hopefully you will be able to make use of your parents to good effect as well ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    Hello all Finally received the visa grant email today. So happy now. Canโ€™t wait to see my parents here in Australia now. Just want to share my story its been more than 25 years since we have lived together under one roof. When i was 8 years old, my parents wents to philippines for work. Me and my brother lived with my uncle in India. At 20 i came to Aus for study and got PR after couple of years. Now finally I will be able to spend time with my parents.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
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    My waiting journey is over. I have my black and white pdf to say VISA GRANTED. Could have been ๐ŸŽ‡ My process was uncomplicated and and I did it solo. Things I would do differently. Get your application in. You have a number of years to refine your application if you have a couple of missing pieces. Give them everything they ask for, donโ€™t assume your replacement will do. Complete a change in circumstance whenever your situation changes. If you have applied for an offshore visa, make sure you are offshore when the visa is about to be granted. SCHOOL FEES I waited a year to get my unabridged birth certificate. I paid for an extra flight because I was in-country. One hour after i cleared customs customs yesterday my visa was granted. Big brother is watching. Wasn't in the air, still on the ground.
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    Hello all.. Hope you all are well. Finally received the invoice letter last night to pay for second payment. Good luck to all. Please see my signature status for all the dates.
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    The Legislation for the number of PR Parent Visas that can be granted in the financial year 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 has been published: Contributory Parent Visas 6,096 visas (the figure for 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019 was 7,175) Non-Contributory Parent Visas 1,275 visas (1,500 the previous year)
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    The Legislation has been published - there are a variety of pieces of legislation that feed off each other to amend the Migration Act/Regulations. The Dept of Home Affairs also has some generalised information on the new provisional visas their web site. Some has been published for a while but interacts with some of the newer legislated instruments. Yes the points have changed (see the link below which is the main piece of legislation published in April) the new points came into effect as of the 16th November 2019. https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2019L00578 On our website, we also have some basic information on some of the changes https://www.taylormadeimmigration.com/Changes_Nov19 Plus a points calculator using the new points categories https://www.taylormadeimmigration.com/Skilled_Points_Score Some of the Linked Legislation starting on the 16th November: Migration (LIN 19/212: Specification of Exempt Occupations) Instrument 2019 Migration (LIN 19/210: Pool and Pass Marks for General Skilled Migration Visas) Instrument 2019 Migration (LIN 19/212: Specification of Exempt Occupations) Instrument 2019 Migration (LIN 19/210: Pool and Pass Marks for General Skilled Migration Visas) Instrument 2019 Migration (LIN 19/209: Arrangements for Certain Skilled and Temporary Graduate Visa Applications) Instrument 2019 Migration (Specification of Occupations and Assessing Authorities) Amendment (LIN 19/243: Subclass 491 Visas) Instrument 2019 Migration (LIN 19/219: Occupations for Subclass 494 Visas) Instrument 2019 Migration (LIN 19/216: Exemptions from Skill, Age and English Language Requirements for Subclass 186, 187 and 494 Visas) Instrument 2019 Migration (LIN 19/260: Assessing Authorities for Subclass 494 Visas) Instrument 2019 Immigration (Education) (LIN 19/218: Temporary visa classes for eligibility for English Courses) Instrument 2019 Health Insurance (Eligible persons and Holders of Skilled Work Visa (subclass 491 and 494)) Order 2019 Migration (LIN 19/214: Regional Certifying Bodies) Instrument 2019 Migration (LIN 19/217: Regional Areas) Instrument 2019 Migration (LIN 19/267: Regional Certifying Bodies and Regional Postcodes) Amendment Instrument 2019 Migration (LIN 19/213: Specification of Income Threshold and Annual Earnings and Methodology of Annual Market Salary Rate) Amendment Instrument 2019 Migration (LIN 19/211: Arrangements for Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa Applications) Instrument 2019 Migration (LIN 19/268: Period, Manner and Evidence of Labour Market Testing) Amendment Instrument 2019 Migration (LIN 19/215: Sponsorship Applications and Nominations for Subclass 407, 457, 482 and 494 Visas) Instrument 2019
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    This is very encouraging news for us still waiting.. Thanks for posting. Do let us know how you progress. Please everyone keep posting your progress as it gives Us all some sort of yard stick as to where we stand in the queue.
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    Contrast!!! Let us know how it goes
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    143 Applied on 25/01/2016 - Acknowledged on 27/01/2016 - Request for further docs on 13/11/2019 ๐ŸŽ‰
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    Ai Eyebrow I hear you. Letโ€™s call it the 7 year itch?
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    Hi Eyebrow, Not many here since Mara left. Congratulations with the citizenship - well deserved. You mentioned FB - please elaborate on which sites are popular for expats and where the conversations still going. With regards to RSA - shocked to see so many of my ex colleagues eventually left to find employment offshore. Many of them FIFO as their families are still in RSA. Hmmm...JOB is just over broke. You mentioned the dilemma of retiring here if you leave it too late. You need approx $250k Super, no debt and your home to be paid off, then you will be ok in retirement. With age pension that will leave a couple with approx $50k pa to spend. By doing a few hours a week you can increase that to 60k. The best way is to become your own financial planner i.e DIY Investor. If you left it till late then you cannot be too risk adverse and expect high returns. Regarding the dog collar - not sure, but instead of the one that gives a shock there was one that gives an high frequency pitch which irritates the dog when it barks. Not sure if its pet friendly approved. Merry Xmas & take care!
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    There is no requirement to currently be employed in your nominated occupation. If you have a positive skills assessment you are still able to claim points as you have done previously. You could even change career paths completely and still apply in the occupation you were assessed in. Just keep in mind that you can only claim experience for the preceding 10 years before being invited. So after some time some of that experience will not be counted. If you wish to have the new job added to the skilled employment then you would need to do another assessment to have the new employment verification done.
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    From my understanding of VETASSESS, having done 4 of them, is that every time you move job you need a new assessment. As for if the post-doc will count, it depends on what the letter from the employer has in it, not one of my jobs assessed had a title which aligned to my occupation but the letters ended up covering the differences.
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    It takes time to adjust. My kids too cried and begged to go "home" for 2 weeks. But now they can't even remember South Africa. Just chill, go explore more fun things like local play parks, beaches, museums, try new lollies and foods, let them explore without thinking about this being forever, make it feel more a holiday. One day at a time. It took myself over 6 weeks to adjust. It was much easier for my husband. i still cried 6 weeks in, and I was the one who wanted to come to Melbourne in the first place! let the kids skype their family to show them they can still see and talk to whomever they want to. Be prepared for some intense emotions, but just know it WILL pass. The lucky country makes you fall in love with it in its own time
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    Applications for NSW nomination for the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) will open in mid January 2020 https://www.industry.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visas-and-immigration/skilled-work-regional-provision-visa-subclass-491
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    Unfortunately nothing that i am aware of, that would be too easy
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    My wife and I just recently moved to Australia. From personal experience, there are a couple of reasons to defer the actual immigration: First trying to secure a job (safe option, but low probability of success). Complacency, you now have a safety net, you can wait till conditions improve in Australia or worsen in your own country. Cost of living in Melbourne and Sydney almost necessitate a dual income (probability of you both securing jobs in quick succession is quite low). All of this means you need quite a bit of cash to make the move, which poses another barrier or reason to delay i.e. time to save. Besides for that, the job hunt is rough without your network. I was fortunate to secure a job fairly quickly, but my wife is still looking (even with a PhD in chemical engineering).
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    Hello All, DHA have published their 11 November invite results. They have still only invited 250 all for the SC189 visa and the lowest invite score was 85. The pro-rata occupations are also still requiring very high points for an invite. This takes the total invites issued for this year to-date to 3,250. At the same time last year they had invited 14,710 As the Cap for the 19/20 Program year is still set at 160,000 I am expecting/hoping that the invites will pick up substantially now that the 16th November changes have been implemented. Lets wait and see what the 11 December invite round brings. Regards
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    Update: My mum has left Australia on 1 December. We received the email granted letter from the Immigration at 5.55pm. Our waiting is now over, we are so excited and can't wait to have my mum here in early January. Notes: we submitted 103 visa in July 2015 - withdrawn in August 2017 and resubmitted 143 visa instead. AoS notice letter received 12 August 19 and phone interview in early October, AoS acceptance letter received a week after then second VAC within 3-4 days. We had my mum here in Australia with her visitor visa so she had to leave so the visa can be granted. We received the granted visa the day after she left... I just like to thank you everyone on the forum for your input. It's helped us so much. Thank you, thank you and thank you!!! Good luck to you all... ๐Ÿ˜˜
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    We just kept our South African drivers license. It has nothing to do with the Australian authorities and it stays valid in the country where it was issued until it expires there (ours are expiring soon now, but we are not in SA to renew it and shall allow it to expire - we can always use our Aus license when visiting SA). Yours might be different. Like Elna said, in Aus your drivers license is your ID card. When you change address and notify them (within two weeks!) they send you a sticker that goes onto the back of your drivers license to replace your old address with the new one. We got notified that we can take out Private Health Insurance up to one year after arriving and skip the LHC which you will have to pay if you are 31 years of age or older (at 2% loading per year up to 70% max) - see https://www.privatehealthcareaustralia.org.au/consumers/lifetime-health-cover/ As soon as your've registered with Medicare you are covered. We have made use of them when my wife fell and hurt her arm and knee on a trail walk. The treatment was fantastic. For any emergencies you will be treated very quickly (like when falling off your bicycle and brake your hip - you get a hip replacement within a few days, for free), but when planning to get a hip replacement due to constant pain due to degenerative cartilage, you might have to wait a year or two. We took the chance and denied to get health insurance. We had to get some dental stuff done but it was not too expensive. And not all private plans include much dentistry procedures. It hurt, because I was a dentist for 40 years in SA!! If you can afford private health and are not very healthy, you should consider it. Some doctors charge an extra fee when consulting them (which private health will pay), but there are many that do "bulk billing" (like ours). They just claim from Medicare and you don't pay a top up. Spectacles, dentistry, medicine and some other things are not covered by Medicare. An eye test can be bulk billed (paid by Medicare) but you need to pay for the glasses when you have no private insurance. That can all be checked on the web.
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    Following the introduction of the new 491 visa some of the States/Territories have opened to consider sponsorship of the 491 visa (as well as 190) Victoria โ€“ Open for both 190 and 491 sponsorship applications Tasmania โ€“ Open for both 190 and 491 sponsorship applications WA โ€“ Open for 190. State they opened for the 491 on 21 November 2019 ACT โ€“ Remains open for the 190. Opens for the 491 on the 1st Jan 2020 (NB: the matrix will change also) NSW โ€“ Open for 190. Expected to open for the 491 Dec 2019 or Jan 2020 NT โ€“ Closed (Expected to open on 9th December 2019) SA โ€“ Closed QLD โ€“ Closed NB: Queensland had opened for a short period of time.
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    Congrats to all on your visas being granted! When you go to Centrelink for Medicare cards, you will be guided by one of the officers to link all your Centrelink and Medicare onto your MyGov account. Once you have an ATO number you can go online, make a phone call and obtain a one time password to link your ATO details as well. After all that is done, the MyGov account is where you will log in to change your address etc. Your new drivers licence will be your new identity document which you will need to identify yourself everywhere you go. And of course, don't forget to get your public transport card ASAP to enjoy the brand new luxury of reliable, punctual and fairly cheap public transport. Good luck to all and enjoy your new life in Australia.
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    We've been in Aus for over two years now, but I can remember the first 3 things we did the day after we arrived: 1. Went to the bank to activate our bank account which we had opened online before we left South Africa. 2. Visited Centrelink to register for Medicare. 3. Visited the Transport and Main Roads Service Centre to get our drivers license. In Queensland we were fortunate to just go in and get our QLD drivers license by producing our South African drivers license and passport. In NSW you might have to do an assessment test. Just check online.
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    State/Territory 491 Update The Subclass 491 commenced 16th November 2019, this Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa requires either State/Territory or Family sponsorship. As at the 26th November updates from the states/territories towards when they would commence assessing requests for a state / territory 491 sponsorship request was: VIC- opened 19th November TAS - open QLD opened 25th October WA - stated they would open 21 November 2019 (web site not yet updated) SA - expect to open in December NT - expect to open 9th Dec ACT expect to open Jan 2020 NSW - no details but possibly Jan 2020
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    Wow! You must be thrilled! โค๏ธ So nice to hear happy endings in the land of waiting-forever-for-visas
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    With regard to the time between applying for citizenship and getting an interview/test date - it can vary by state. As a very broad generalisation currently I have been seeing them at around the 12 month mark (but it can and does vary over time/individual). After completing these the date of the ceremony from there then depends very much on your local council.
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    Itโ€™s only the ceremony that is local council specific. Everything else is done by Immigration, whose offices are in Wellington Street next to Watertown, and is where you go for your interview and test. Weโ€™re under City of Nedlands, and you can also have a look on your councilโ€™s website to see when they do their ceremonies. Hopefully you wonโ€™t have to wait too long for your interview date, they seem to be trying to catch up on the backlog.
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    Hi there Try Bailey's Worldwide. We used them and they were great. Only operate from CT and JHB.
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    SAme here waiting from 6 weeks after Aos letter given to immi...everything done from my side.. now waiting again.... anyone has any clue how long to wait now..tnx
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    same here i have been waiting for three weeks after AOS approval
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    Did you get a letter in the post or an email with the invoice? We received our AOS approval over three weeks ago and have received nothing since.
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    @theballies Thank you very much. That was helpful !
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    Form 80 Police clearance from all countries lived in for a cumulative period of 12 months or more over the last 10 years Australian police check Medicals Colour copy of your passport Copy of your national identity card AOS
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    Hello fellow bloggers. SLAYING TWO ENGLISH DRAGONS IN ONE WEEK!! After a fantastic World Cup Final my wife received some excellent news. She passed her IELTS exam with the following scores. Speaking: 8.0 Reading: 8.5 Listening: 8.0 Writing: 7.0 We are hoping that the application would be successful so that we can start selling and packing. We are looking to make the move in January 2021!!! Thank you for all the encouragement and advice. God Bless
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    Update on processing - now up to November 2015. Seems like the queue is speeding up a little for 143s?
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    The irony of it all is that a huge percentage of the Aussie population would fail the entry requirements for their own country, english included.
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