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    We have been in Australia for a couple of months, and I used this forum a lot. So I thought I should also contribute a bit back. We went in on a 189 visa. I managed to get a job from SA so we were very lucky. I can say that it has been an amazing experience and I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity. Australia is absolutely fantastic and the people here have been incredibly welcoming, supportive and friendly without exception. It is truly first world and it all works. In terms of rentals, we were approved for all 5 places we applied for so could pick the ideal one. It has been a breeze settling in. We initially stayed in an Airbnb. Looking back, I can say that this was the best decision we have made and regret not pursuing it earlier. If you have a chance to go, go for it
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    Hi, even without duties , its cheaper to buy here in my opinion, Also you will void all your warranties when you bring it over. The duties , assuming you declare the goods to the Aus border force will make it even less beneficial I reckon, but do some research. Look at https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/ https://www.harveynorman.com.au/ https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/ Also almost all the retailers her will price match another aus shop.
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    Hooray - my parents Visa has just been granted, it was such a long wait, but it is finally over What a huge relief.
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    Decided to give back to the forum, although we're set to arrive only in June. Prices below are then accurate for May 2019 and not much is new but could be a distillation of various other posts. !!!Will update with a second post in a few months to see if the service providers below panned out - so don't take our word for it YET!!! BACKGROUND: We had skilled migrant visas which we allowed to lapse more than 8 years ago, having activated the visas by entry but eventually not immigrating at that time. One of us was offered a position in Melbourne in January with an urgent start date, and we were advised by the employer to run both 189 Visa and Resident Return Visa (155/157) applications in parallel. By end March we were invited to apply for 189 (by May), having completed the English tests (PTE Academic in Sandton), medicals and (expensive) skills assessments via Engineers Australia and CA ANZ, however we took the gamble not to cancel the Resident Return Visa (RRV) applications yet and the RRVs were granted two weeks later - at the last moment of the ~70 days processing time and after following up via email (which you are only allowed to do when processing time has expired). This re-instated permanent residency with first entry within 1 year of grant. It is then possible, with proof of significant ties of benefit (letters from prospective employer, proof of continued education in SA etc.) to have re-instated a visa that lapsed . It was also uncertain how much of the info for the 189 was taken into account in the resident return visa evaluation, as this may have assisted to a greater degree. We did not make use of a migration agent, but it took a lot of footwork to substantiate the "significant ties of benefit" claim. FLIGHTS / TICKETS: To get cheaper one way tickets, direct flight to Sydney and then on to Melbourne with Qantas providing an increased 40kg per person baggage allowance, at around R8k pp we called on: International Organization for Migration E. southafricaoperations@iom.int www.iom.int MOVE: We are making use of the larger move cube from www.sevenseasworldwide.com : costs of around R23k quoted for the cube and shipping plus around R4K expected on the other side. We checked prices on e.g. ebay.com.au and found we could replace much of our furniture that side through a combination of selling stuff this side and the saving on the container costs (which was quoted at ~R80k). Will also be trying to get a small wine collection through, around 30 bottles, as long as the wines are older than 1 year it is apparently not a major issue. PETS: We are taking two small young dogs: Costs are high (allow for R40 to R50k total per dog even without kennelling in SA). The 10 days quarantine in Melbourne and import permit alone is R22k per dog and flights are R8k per dog. We had to leave a dog which is now 12 years old and not allowed travel with family. The pet immigration process must start around 6 months prior. We are making use of www.menlynkennels.co.za also known as Mooikloof Companion Animal Center or Menlyn Pet Relocations. To keep kenneling costs down family will be taking care of the dogs until their flights a month after we have left. FINANCIAL EMIGRATION: We approached a financial emigration company (we have Retirement Annuities, a Pension fund and a couple of buy-to-let apartments) - the quotes came to R35-45k per person. We're now going the route of using the Immigration toolkit from Expatri8.com ; Claire has been very helpful and we will now be doing the bulk of the Fin. emigration from a new address in Aus rather than trying to push from within SA. The toolkit cost $235 (~R3.5K) and is clearly laid out with steps. Get you SARS efiling and online banking in order if going the financial emigration route from overseas. The toolkit advises to use FNB, which one of us had and it took 20 mins in the branch to open a cheque account for the other and a global currency account in AUD for both. With that proceeds from selling the house and cars can be taken out under the R1 million discretionary allowance per year per person to help initial set up once there. ACCOUNTS: Telkom nearly wanted R13K in penalties for a new fiber contract which they fortunately had not yet implemented, so could could cancel without having to pay extra. Vodacom also wanted to penalise, so do check how much you have left on contracts and see if someone is willing to take them over if the penalties will be excessive. SELLING PROPERTY: We had to sell two properties urgently and the low rates offered by Leadhome (flat rate of R40k) and threepercent.com allowed us to list at better prices, and sell surprisingly quickly, while still getting out a reasonable amount. SELLING CARS: We used weelee.co.za which gave us above trade value and closes after a single day's online auction. ACCOMMODATION: To settle in while waiting for the move cube we decided on a "long stay" 1 bed furnished and serviced apartment in Melbourne CBD (after extensively checking the online ratings). We have been using the Hotels.com app which gives significant discounts over listed prices (so called "secret prices" on the app for users with a few previous bookings), and also gives 1 night free booking at the average price of the previous 10 nights booked. We ended up getting a 28 night stay in Melbourne CBD "Paris End" right across the road from the new job at ~R30k which appears to be a 40% discount over advertised rates. This allows us to have a self catering 1 bed apartment with a bathtub, tv, wifi and small kitchen near work while we apartment hunt. Hope this is of benefit to similarly nervous individuals. Will update in around two months..
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    That sucks man, are you allowed to use PTE? It comes with its own hardships, but in my opinion an easier test to pass.
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    I'm nearly thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Hi GSB733. No we have not heard from AOS. My son applied on line but had to go to a Centerlink office to verify who he was. In the original online application he got a reply to say he would not hear before the 23 September. We are holding thumbs all goes well. All our docs and medicals done from our side.
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    As far as I'm aware it needs to be consulting to external clients, not internal. Check the following: https://www.vetassess.com.au/Portals/0/Downloads/qualification_assessment/ManagementConsultant.pdf
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    The only condition that an individual will not be permitted to enter Australia with is TB (this does not include HIV which is considered in the same manner as all other health conditions). The other 2 main health criteria relate to 1) whether the condition has a significant cost to Australia and 2) whether the condition would prejudice access to health/community care for Australians (if vis were to be granted). \ NB please note the comments here are a very basic generalisation of this subject. The subclass 600 visa is a temporary visa, the 143 a permanent residence visa - the impact/application of the Health Criteria is very different. For example if a person has a health condition with a temporary 600 visa this is costed in respect of the time period of the visa and other evidence can be considered. Whereas the 143 is a permanent residence visa. The health criteria costing element changed recently and was increased to $49,000 (the time period over which this is relevant varies (3,5,10 years) dependent on factors such as age and whether the condition is permanent or not). Very basically - the department would consider what the potential costs, and what community services they may be eligible to, would be for an Australian with a similar condition if these were significant or resulted in prejudice to access then the person would not meet the health criteria.
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    Thank you @Bonny Thank you @TeeTMI Granny is only turning 75 next year with Grandpa 1 year behind so no medicals this time!:)
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    This is a Condition of the visa - for this visa unless your parents had been specifically asked to undertake a TB test prior to the visa being granted (which would have been based on the answers to the health questions) a test would not be required. Obviously should they feel they have contracted TB for some reason prior to arrival then they should check given that it is a condition of the visa that they must be free of TB to visit Australia.
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    Hi Justyna I really don’t think your parents need to be tested for TB. My in-laws have visited several times and that was never an issue. However I believe they do need to undergo a medical test if they are older than 75. Ditto with police certificates. They are not required for a visitors visa. I hope you get more feedback from someone else too, but that is as far as I know. One thing though - I hope they have taken travel insurance, or at least bought their tickets with a credit card with includes travel insurance. You do NOT want someone getting very ill or in an accident trying to pay a medical bill in Aus with Rands.
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    Seems that the solution then is to include lots of lead-weighted stables / paperclips with your application?
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    Hi all, Maybe just a general update, re I have learnt so much over the past few days about RSA Passport Renewals from Canberra, that I just have to share the process. I have received my passport since this first post, after much stress and international call I must add, but expedited non the less. The actual process - to apply for a new passport in back in South Africa only takes (2 weeks). So its not the SA Home Affairs that takes the longest, but the process to get the forms to them and the authentication and verification process. Some Notes: - The passport process has change dramatically and passports get processed very efficiently, in some cases within the week. - They now have biometric scanning at major banks to leverage their facilities and minimize queuing - but you have to make a booking. - If extremely urgent, suggest you fly over for a much quicker turnaround Via Canberra:(n to power of how heavy is a bag) Passport applications are sent in bulk via a Diplomatic bag, which has to reach a certain weight before it gets posted. This is not time based. In may case, it took 3 months before the application was posted to Home Affairs South Africa. - Applications arrive at Home Affairs and have to be processed via: - Citizen Verification (3-6 Weeks) - Birth Verification (included in the above 3-6 Weeks) - The application is then transferred to: - Home Affairs Unit for Capture (3-6 Weeks based on the backlog from Citizen Verification before its on the system) - Actual Passport Processing including Printing (2 Weeks) - Then back in a Diplomatic bag until it reaches it weight - Post to Canberra - Post to you. Hopefully, understanding the process a little more will help ease stress of not knowing - and now you have options. (PS: I now have my PR - Granted)
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    Its been just over six months now and I wondered how you were all going?
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    4 Hours after payment my visa was granted!!!
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    The 103 and 804 are the non-Contributory parent visas. Part way through their wait their application is examined further and assuming all is well at that stage they then get 'queued' and the DHA provided a time line for this. This is not applicable (N/A) to the Contributory visas as they are not queued.
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    Hello Forrie, Having a history of cancer will not stop you obtaining a PR visa. If you have not had an occurrence in over 5 years then this is normally sufficient for DHA. I hope this helps. Regards
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    I agree with this - we're in our early 40s now, and I look around at people who had the opportunity to get into the housing market for example when it was much cheaper, and it's hard that we're just behind financially. Our retirement planning in SA was ahead of schedule, and now we're so far behind what we need in Australian terms to retire comfortably, it's laughable. If you think you're going to make the move, do it sooner rather than later.
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    Speaking from personal experience - once you get the visa - move then and there. Do not wait for the five years to move over! Starting from scratch is very hard and by waiting an additional five years you just delay the inevitable. Move soon, start your new life sooner rather than later. I agree with what was said previously - you have to be on the same page as your partner. Immigration will push you to your limits and will test your relationship.
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    My advice (to all and for future reference) - officially renounce your South African citizenship and travel to and from South Africa with your Aussie passports.. If you ever want to return to South Africa permanently, you can simply apply to get your citizenship back. I cannot see the value of holding onto South-African citizenship if you have no intention of returning to South Africa permanently and if you are free to come and go as you want without it. Saves you the trouble and stress of constantly having to renew passports etc. More about getting your RSA citizenship back here: https://www.sapeople.com/2014/07/10/what-do-if-lost-south-african-citizenship-785/
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    You're forgetting one very important detail, you're dealing with a South African government official here. An official that has been told that he needs to check the letter from home affairs that you don't have. 😂
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