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    Hi all roomies and all who have landed here in Australia. We arrived on the 19 January 2020 and are settling in nicely with our family. Experienced our first Australia Day at the beach in Currumbin . It was a long 4 year wait but in the end worth the wait. Now to do all the official things like,Medicare drivers license, tax number etc. went to get drivers license you need 5 points of reference to qualify ( only had 4) so will go to Medicare this week and sign up. Humidty on the Gold Coast is off the charts at moment after all the rain. Don't give up those waiting it will be worth the wait. PS: Dirk could you give me a call sometime to meet up. 0406601952
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    @CFDS. Thank you for posting this info. I am sure it will help others in the future.
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    @JIG Welcome to the Sunshine State! @JennyLeigh Welcome to the thread. @JIG. Yes please, keep posting as much and often as you can, since procedures change so often, it would be good to keep others informed. Just curious to know whether there is a MyGov office on the Gold Coast? And, would you say that the process, from the request for documents to Visa Grant is still more or less the same? Have a great day! Raining in Wynnum right now, so looking forward to a cooler day.
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    Welcome JIG. Iโ€™ll contact you. The rest of the roomies, byt vas! Like JIG said itโ€™s all worth it at the end.
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    Hi all, Asking for a family member who is qualified motor mechanic, specialising in Ford (8 years in the trade) wanting to immigrate to Australia. Are there any forumites who are either in the process or recently through it who are able to provide advise on the process please? Especially in relation to the skills list, skills assessment requirements, IELTS level requirements and visa class options incl. regional options, time it took from application to grant - basically ANY advise would be much appreciated! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ Anyone out there sponsoring at the moment?
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    Hi all, just wanted to share with everybody who is still waiting for updates. there has been progress as we applied on 31 March 2016 and our agent was contacted today requesting additional information. This includes Form 80, Medicals, police clearances and ASO. We will start attending to their request today. I know that it may still be awhile before we get to finality but wanted to share that there is progress. ๐Ÿ™‚
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    We used docassist. Service was quick and relatively cheap back in 2017 www.docassist.co.za Doc Assist 181 Allcock Street - Suite A Colbyn Pretoria 0083 Tel : 012 430 2221/ 0879445114 Fax: 0864110993
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    Just sharing this as an update for all. If there are 2 sponsors for the AOS, each of the sponsors will need to fill in a separate SU594 form. This can be handed over in person at the Centrelink office along with the other supporting docs. IF it's done online then each has to fill out the AOS online from from their individual Centrelink accounts. This is what I learnt from my call today with Centrelink.
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    You can apply for the permanent residence parent visa at anytime whilst holding a valid 173 visa. The Dept of Home Affairs currently advise they are processing Temp to PR parent visas for applications lodged in November 2019.
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    If your current employer in RSA: a. has an office in Aus then ask for a transfer b. has a customer/business partner that knows you well, with an office in Aus, discuss sponsorship possibilities with them Know the rules and circumstances, when a local Aus company may sponsor a foreign workers in Australia. Then know the associated risks for you and your family. Search for the war stories around the old 457 visa on this forum. Look at what immigration agents have to say about it: eg https://www.australiamigrate.com/visa-types/employer-sponsorship-visa/ https://legalvision.com.au/sponsor-foreign-workers-aus/ Verify the facts https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/employing-and-sponsoring-someone/sponsoring-workers/learn-about-sponsoring By now, you will see that you require very specialised skills/experience that a sponsor may be looking for. As the demand for those companies are high and the competition among applicants are tough, think how you can differentiate yourself from the pack? What makes you stand out? What unique problems can you solve for your sponsor? What value driven benefits can you provide for your potential sponsor. Search for those companies with a strong alignment, in your desired industry, in Australia. Pick a handful to focus on. Know everything about them available in the public domain. Make contact with people on Linkedin that worked their before - as past employees are more willing to share information and contacts. Confirm if those companies have the problems you identified, are they looking for people with skills/experience (not necessarily education) similar to yours, and why cant they find them locally. Make sure your short resume address their biggest problems, and how you have solved similar in the past, and what the outcomes was. Approach decision makers, in those companies, directly. At all times attempt to engage & speak to people directly, via Skype. They need to know, like and trust you. Direct conversations does that. Good luck!
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    If applying for a Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) then assuming your sponsor is eligible there are 15 points available in relation to family / state sponsorship. No further invitations will be issued for the 489 - you cannot submit a new EOI.
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    The latest I have is that the 143 visas being processed have definitely reached Dec 2015 - I have heard of people being asked to provide additional documents with dates after this. As with all visas there can be variation between individuals depending upon individual case officer load when allocated to a case officer.
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    In situations like this, speaking as a generalisation, the secondary applicant could become the primary applicant. In addition it is also possible to change sponsors further down the line if required.
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    No (generally speaking - there may be some exemptions in rare specified circumstances?). The similar onshore parent visa option would be the 864 Contributory Aged Parent visa.
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    @Megan123 Hi, on the VAC2 tax invoice as at 13.11.19 I paid $43,600.00. I paid via BPAY. Payment options: โ— BPAYยฎ (no surcharges incurred) โ— PayPal (surcharges apply) โ— payment by credit card through either Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, Diners (surcharges apply). Hope this help Good luck!
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    My heart goes out to you @Eyebrow. Thank you for your honest review. Hope your back gets better speedily. @ErnaC wow, what a light at the end of the tunnel. Glad it all turned out ok for you. Life is tough nomatter where one lives. But being in Australia is definitely a privilege.
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    Finally. Our 190 NSW Visas have been granted! We started the process in October 2014 and it's been quite a long journey of almost 5 years. (Specifics under my signature). Visa : 190 / NSW Direct Grant Occupation: 261312 / Developer Programmer Points: 70/75 Lodgement Date: 1 Jan 2019 Grant Date: 29 July 2019 IED: July 2020 Days to Grant: 209 Days Employment Verification: No Documents uploaded: Employment letters, 3 payslips per year worked, payslips for latest employment (not claiming), tax documents for years self employed + letter from clients, PCC, Medicals, Proof of Relationship, Passport scans, Form 80, Form 1221
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    Update: FLIGHTS / TICKETS: worked like a charm, do watch for overweight luggage (>R800/kg) and we were way over even with our 40kg pp; we were told it would be R26k for the extra large bag of 32kg. Overweight luggage: Our parents used Diamondfreight.co.za to ship the extra 32kg (personal effects/clothing) to us - drop oiff at OR Tambo freight side; it will cost ~R4000 from OR Tambo to Melbourne Airport if you complete clearance at airport yourself (takes about an hour and requires walking between Qantas freight building to customs for paperwork). Having clearance done for you adds >R10k to the deal. May sure you go by vehicle as it is the only way to ultimately collect the luggage from the freight terminal warehouse, no pedestrians allowed! Move: Sevenseas move cube took a while to leave SA, still waiting (estimated week of 23 Aug) so will take 11-12 weeks in total. Ended up buying a fully furnished apartment (owners immigrated from Australia) so now will have to decide what to keep. We read it in the forums but didn't believe - it really can be cheaper buying new / second hand (gumtree, amazon etc.) so only bring what is truly irreplaceable. Space is constrained, so most things here are designed for saving space, SA furniture tend not to have additional built in storage space, and people in SA are happy to have both a washer and a dryer as two seperate items (vs a two in one). Seriously consider getting everything this side as you have no idea how space constrained you may be, and may have to buy a specific shape / size to make things fit. Clothes: If in doubt leave it.. Clothes at e.g. the DFO (Direct Factory Outlets - equivalent to large SA shopping mall) can replenish a wardrobe of branded clothing for the same or less than in SA - except of higher quality material (Autralian Wool Suits etc.) and in premium brands. Also do put your hand up on the SA Facebook groups to borrow eg a microwave / kettle etc. short term. Social: on Facebook the SA Business Network in Melbourne is great to make professional contacts and have once monthly events sponsored by SA expats who now run / are partners at legal / accounting firms etc. The SA social group does similar events, except for being informal and meeting at pubs. Great APPS Nobody but tourists pay full price.. so time your large spends to around e.g. the EOFY sales (look for furniture etc. sales End Of Financial Year around June/Jule & early Aug). For Melbourne do get the Eatclub app which shows flash offers of 20-40% off everything at various restaurants/ take away spots in your location; For the rest get TheFork app for up to 50% off at various participating restarants (on food) Download Ola (taxi/cabs) - a great way to get around and is in direct competition to UBER, as such their offers are great - especially from airport to CBD for new joiners - use our code 0J0YNBU to get $10 credit when downloading the app and then use the codes they offer such as OLADROP for $25 transfer from airport. The largest office blocks here can have 40 000 people passing though them on a busy day and therefore have multiple cafe's preparing lunch, the Hey You app connects you to offers in your area (often things like 30% off lunch or $2 coffees) - use code PWDJB6WQ for $5 credit on your first order.. Check ozbargains.com.au for an idea of coupons and offers (what things really cost vs advertised) WINE: Alcohol in restaurants and even pubs is very expensive (they will happily pour 150ml ("a glass") and charge upwards of $12) , ordering wine online and in store is much cheaper (even for premium brands). Their heavy reds come from warmer climates and carry a punch in terms of alcohol and sugar, generally the red wines are sweeter than we were used to ; their cool climate wines are more familiar and we have moved our red wine preference to e.g. Pinot Noir and Merlot. Luckily European wines are widely available and can be bought and enjoyed for the same price (or lower) than local wines - so the selection locally is much greater. Expect to see some SA wines in some of the better restaurants (but be willing to pay a rediculous amount), generally no SA wines in stores. Tobacco / SMOKERS: don't even think of bringing the habit with you.. people here appear to reserve their disdain for special occasions - such as someone smoking in their vicinity, and that is after having the offender already paying ~$35 a pack. PETS: Dogs arrived safely, check and double check all paperwork as a tickbox left unchecked of whether the one dog was pregnant nearly caused a delay. The 10 days quarantine is tough on them but even our sensitive pups are bouncing back after a day. There are puppy pub crawls (pet friendly pubs restaurants), doggy day care and puppy play groups on offer here so better dog owners are better catered for than in SA.
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    To state the obvious: As you now there are various components that contribute towards the asking price of a house. House material (brick/cladding); lot size, house size. location, distance from town, size of house and age, livability (eg schools, shops) Approaches to buy a new house: buy off the plan (these are normally cluster housing, land and home package (many to choose from) with many extra add-on which adds to the price. Buy a plot and get a builder etc In the end you get what you pay for. An existing house: Search for houses that are in distress i.e owner needs to sell due to divorce, death etc (problem is everyone is looking for those Bank repossessed: Lawyers knows about these ones even before they get auctioned. House that is structural good but needs a lick of paint inside out. - The ugly duckling in a good street. These may be a good investment providing you do your due diligence. Better approach Start off by working out what you can afford, without over commitment.Take into account rates & taxes (and strata fees if applicable). What deposit can you afford - generally 20% required but some banks will give a loan with no deposit. Make sure you know about all the taxes, registration costs etc. Then determine how quickly would you want to pay your mortgage off. Once you have a price in mind start to look at past prices of house been sold. Work out the cost per meter square. Now you can start to compare the different locations and areas i.e apples with apples https://www.oldlistings.com.au/ This will ensure that you dont overpay for a property. Now that you have a better idea what is affordable in which areas then use this website to check what is all available (this search engine searches 100's of websites. https://www.suburbview.com/ good luck!
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    McCabes, I am a christian. There are some questions that you need to work through to answer this question (and any others where scripture does not give you a chapter and verse answer). 1. Does the bible say anything specific against your decision (i.e - does he say you shalt not...). If there is clear instruction against it then that is it. No more discussion. In this case - the bible is silent, so it is not a moral choice. You have freedom to do what you want. So then you can just apply some basic principals to make a good decision. 2. How will this decision affect you spiritually - i.e, are you making a choice to live somewhere that will cause you to decline spiritually. Where there is no church or other christians to help you or where you will be tempted to fall into sin. Now this is harder to answer. I don't know where you are planning to stay, but according to what other christians here have shared with us - good, bible teaching churches are few and far in between. You may struggle (or be very fortunate) to find a good church that will build you up in your faith. Do they have bible studies etc. There are far less 'christians' here in Oz than in SA - or should I say, there are far less people that pretend to be christians. The ones we have met here are the real deal and we find it refreshing that only people who want to go to church go. It is not expected, so unbelievers don't go out of a sense of duty. When you are here, there are no outside forces that influence you to go to church and I have found that the secular society have made me more commited to Christ and needing to read my bible and pray. If you were forced to work in an enviroment that you find difficult - like an alcoholic in a pub, then the decisions may not be good for you either. I would advise you to investigate churches in the areas that you are looking at. See if the churches have websites. See what they believe and listen to some sermons online to give you a feel for the churches. You actively have to search for a church. 3. As for not trusting God.... I don't think your pastor is right. When I lived in South Africa, i trusted God for my safety and my future. He did not promise me either, so my prayers were usually in the lines of, Lord, keep us safe, but if you have ordained trouble for us, help me to trust in you to deal with it and come through it. I don't much need to pray for safety here (I don't constantly feel under physical threat) - but even so, I have no doubt that I am still trusting in God for my safety and my future, because even here - he is in control of the events of my life and he may still chose suffering for me. I pray more often now for spiritual growth and opportunities to be able to share my faith and build up other christians than for daily physical safety. To say' if you think you are safe then you will be' sounds a bit more like the power of positive thinking than biblical thinking to me. Hope this is helpful to you.
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    Your South African licence does not ever expire. It is only the card that it is printed on that expires. If you want the proof do a Google search, I have posted on this forum about it before...
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