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    Yes Australia is a couple of weeks ahead of South Africa with COVID-19. The Dept of Home Affairs has been busy trying to assist people who have been caught up in the situation and it is possible a range of departments may see slowing due to e.g. staff assisting in other visa areas or restrictions on staffing numbers within offices...
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    @ChrisH at $22k for your first year at primary school - its just about being in the "old money club" in Sydney.....you will never get the value for that in my opinion ....
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    @Maz That is great news! Well done and congrats.! Me, my story is good and bad. I have been working on and off and currently working in aged care as food server. I absolutely love it! The residents are lovely and colleagues so supportive. I have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and have had a double mastectomy. I have recovered very quickly from surgery and am back at work doing what I love. It has been tough but I made it. I am whole again.🙂 Despite the horrible virus, I feel positive and happy to be alive and well. Please keep me in your prayers. @Elza and @Onthemove. An update for you too. Stay strong buddies! Enjoy work and spread the love and joy.
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    Magna Thompson - 3 months. Excellent service
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    Its just amazing, the more you travel Australia, the more you see the beauty. Early Feb we returned from a tour through SA, NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania. The bush-fires affected so many parts, and as you say, so many people and animals. A quad-bike trip on Kangaroo island revealed the fire damage done, but also the parts still preserved. It was a real eye-opener. Further, our flight could not land in Canberra airport due to the fires and needed to return to Sydney. We got a birds-eye view and its just unreal to observe how many fires were going at the same time. As you said, scary if you nor used to it. In Sydney, the fireworks were still allowed for the Australian day celebrations, and we had a front seat view underneath the Sydney harbour bridge. What a joyful experience as citizens.
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    We received our Citizenship in May 2019 after waiting for nearly 18 months from application. It was a marvellous and surreal experience and I felt extremely grateful and blessed to have been given the honour of citizenship. In July 2019 we made a very quick decision to do a major move to the Blue Mountains (about an hour out of Sydney's outer suburbs). We have family here, and my son was struggling with bullies in his school. We also were squeezed tight into our little townhouse with our surprise edition Aussie baby...so we needed to upgrade. Of course property prices in Sydney are ridiculous and we just could not get past paying so much for a complete reno project - for which we did not have time or money. So one night we just decided, let's just start fresh. Move further from the city, more country life, more space, less traffic, better house for your buck and closer to our family. 3 weeks later we were living in Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains ( once you have moved continents, moving towns is hardly a decision haha). In those 3 weeks we packed up the house, found the perfect rental almost next door to our family! Perfect house with a pool and a big garden and oodles of space. We put our townhouse on the market and finished the last few reno bits and pieces to get it ready to sell. Signed up the kids for their new school and wham bam...we were living in the blue mountains. I never thought I would want to move away from the beach, however...I have hardly had time to miss it being spoilt with the most incredible mountain and canyon bushwalks. It has had an immense impact on our stress levels and our children and our life as a whole to have more space, more outside time, more nature. The school is a third of the size of the old school but it about 5 times bigger as far as land and playground goes. The children are very happy there and I have found it to be such a different vibe in a "country" school as opposed to a suburban city school. Of course the Fires in NSW were one of the unprecedented events in the last few months, and I have never been so stressed since moving to Australia. Having just moved to the mountains, and not being from Australia from birth...bushfires are not just part of life for us. A bushfire plan is not something we have ever had to have. So it has been a baptism of fire so to speak. Our rental is in a "vegetation buffer" for the Blue Mountains National park. Which means, fire at our doorstep would be really bad. I was so grateful that we don't own this house....because worrying about losing your home that you own is different and not something I wish to experience. It was a terrible terrible thing that happened to the bush, the animals, the people, the businesses...in the mountains we are all still recovering after such a lengthly period of stress. Followed shortly by the floods which smashed what was left of the National Parks and ruined walks that were still open after the fires. And then just as we started to come out of that...Coronavirus arrived. Here and now daily life feels like a movie that is playing out in real life. It seems unimaginable that something could hit so fast and so quickly. It is such a shocking realization of how quickly life as you know it can change. As business owners, we along with many millions of Australians are in a precarious position with the threat of lockdowns and recessions etc. It really has brought into the light what the priority should be and what we have control of...and what we do not have control over. The sun continues to rise and set, the world continues to turn. One way or another this too shall pass and lessons shall be learnt. We are doing everything we can to protect the vulnerable and compromised as per the government guidelines, to protect our employees and our family and to make the best decisions with the information available. I am grateful that we are not living through a war with the threat of bombs dropping on our heads, violent bloody death and uncertainty and rationing going on for years and years. The things people went through and continue to go through in war torn countries, we can't begin to think that this is the greatest challenge we will face. It has been worse in the past and life went on. So ultimately, we are doing our best to remain calm and circumspect under the circumstances. Thoughts and prayers are with you all as we all worldwide navigate through this newest of challenges. Good Luck!
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    Processing Update PR Parent Visa Processing Time Update: As at the 17th March processing has reached applications lodged in February 2016 for: Contributory Parent (143) + Contributory Aged Parent (864)* Contributory Parent (Temp) (173) + Contributory Aged Parent (Temp) (884)* * for the 864, and 884 processing had reached later than this (Jan 2017) but a policy change means they are currently waiting until the other categories come in line. [Parent (103) + Aged Parent (804) Assessed applications for queuing: Dec 2016. Assessing applications for visa grant that were queued in August 2010.]
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    Hi @Lee2 I personally wouldn't submit anything extra as it could cause confusion. From what i have read, it is best to supply exactly what they are asking for - no more / no less. Cheers
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    Hi Lemon There was a February round, however there is always a time lag until the results are published. I would generally expect them to be published sometime this week after the March invitations.
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    BYO toilet paper! 😂
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    I don't think it is a very fair assessment as many people on the forum over the years have expressed & shared their fears, obstacles, hardships, frustrations, disappointments etc. and they've received a lot of support and advice from others who have often experienced the same situations. Advice isn't sugar coated and our members are very honest and blunt about the realities of immigration. Some people find it easy and some find it hard but in the end it mostly works out and when we look back, we still feel it was worth everything. When we share our positive experiences with others, it is to encourage, not to create a false sense of utopia - in fact, we often warn against high and unrealistic expectations. If I had a dollar for every time I said immigration isn't easy, I'd be very rich. Our lives aren't perfect but its still better than the lives we would have had in South Africa - not only for ourselves but for our children, grandchildren and future generations. We're making a huge sacrifice to secure an awesome future for them. It's up to them to embrace it and make the best of it.
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