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  2. A person I know, brought his collection across. However, he has to give proof that he is a firearm enthusiast, belong to a firearm club/association, will belong to a firearm club in Aus with paperwork to proof that. A very strict and controlled process and storage conditions. This person was a Springbok shot.
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  4. Hi, Wondering if anyone else was caught in between on the parent visa being granted but not being able to travel to Australia due to COVID? Visa was granted in February and before we could get my Mom here the COVID restrictions hit, now here visa timeline is running down on the three years but she can’t get here. Has anyone applied for the exemption to travel for their parent? Wondering how long it takes and the chances of success?
  5. frosty

    Taking firearm with?

    You should look at the requirements for firearm license from the state you will be residing in. Each state has their own regulations as far as I am aware. I do not think PR is an issue regarding the purchasing of a firearm, have not seen any regulation requiring you to be a citizen. It is a bit of a process, and you will be required to prove that you have a need for owning firearm. I think bringing one over if you are not yet residing here might prove difficult though.
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  7. @Erzsi As far as I understand that, the sponsor is limited to one person OR household (child and partner). The approval of a person as a parent sponsor is limited to one approval per person, or per household. The "sponsorship" can be per household to one approved sponsorship per household But if he has already applied or been approved alone ("per person"), and then applies again with his partner (per household), then the Department may not be able to consider your application further, and it may be refused. Hope this makes sense. And all the best !
  8. Hi everyone We are finally days away from submitting our forms for the Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 143 - yeah). I have however one question and hope someone will be able to please help me with this question. My Son will be the Approved Family Parent Sponsor, however there is a question asking if his partner is currently an approved family parent sponsor? Yes or No ?? My understanding is that only 1 person can be a parent sponsor (as attached below) per household, is this correct? Please can someone clarify this for me. Many thanks Approved family parent sponsor Page Content As this sponsorship arrangement limits the approval of a parent sponsor to one approved sponsorship per household, information about a current partner (i.e. spouse or de facto partner), must be provided as part of this application. Information for already-approved parent sponsors The approval of a person as a parent sponsor is limited to one approval per person, or per household. If you, or your spouse or de facto partner have already been approved as a parent sponsor, or have applied for approval and the application made has not yet been finally determined, the Department may not be able to consider your application further, and it may be refused. Information for already-approved parent sponsors - varying a term of approval Approved parent sponsors can make an application to vary a term of their approval. If you are an already-approved parent sponsor, to vary a term of approval, you must complete this form, and attach all relevant information supporting the term of approval you are wanting to vary. Should your application to vary a term of approval, be refused, this refusal decision does not affect your approval as an already-approved parent sponsorship.
  9. Hi Does anyone know if you can bring over a hunting rifle on PR? Or at least then buy one in Oz on a PR visa? Thanks so much
  10. Hi, My inlaws are on a 600 Family sponsored visa in Melbourne - Their visa was granted on 26th Sep'2019. This was a 12 month in 18 month visa with an 8558 no further stay condition. I checked on VEVO and the visa expires on 21st March'2021. Some important dates below: I wanted to know if they can stay in AUS now until 21st March'2021 (Which is their visa expiry date). They are currently have an application open for a 143 visa lodged on 2nd June'2016. Which we hope will come up for assessment soon. Thanks in advance.
  11. Applications within the system are still under consideration... from the message it is not clear whether they still have a small number of places that they can grant and have just stopped new applications being submitted so that they don't get a backlog? The state of Victoria do contact people with a decision one way or the other after they have submitted a state sponsorship application to Victoria.
  12. I probably don't understand this very well. If we submitted an EOI for 190 from Victoria in February, (but we haven't heard anything yet) will we then only be considered for an invitation after June?
  13. Victoria State Sponsorship - Update Message from Victoria State Re: Closure of Victoria’s skilled nominated visa (subclass 190 and 491) for 2019-20 (year runs July to June) Victoria's skilled visa nomination program is now closed as we have filled the places provided to us by the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs for the 2019-20 program year. This includes both the Skilled Nominated (Permanent) visa (subclass 190) and the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491). Applications received prior to 28 May 2020 will continue to be assessed and you will be advised of the outcome in due course. New applications will be accepted in 2020-21. Victoria is facing economic and health challenges posed by coronavirus (COVID-19). To help us respond to this challenge, priority will be given to occupations in sectors critical to the coronavirus response in allocating remaining nomination places.
  14. Did citizenship ceremony on line via webex today. Very simple and efficient. While I regret not having the pomp and ceremony of a public event, I'm so grateful that this was an alternative that meant we didn't have to wait. The Home Affairs official was lovely and made the ceremony special in it's own way. Advance Australia Fair!
  15. This is really interesting. Strange times and strange things happen. But happy for the family who got this opportunity. They are blessed.
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  17. Hi Guys , Would like to share a surprising stuff . My close friend's dad came to Sydney in visitor visa 600 and couldn't able to go back due to covid-19 . They wanted to apply 143 visa for dad, since he is a single parent and his only child is in Sydney . He had no-further stay condition in his visitor visa 600 , so he couldn't able to apply for 143 visa . They contacted the department , and department told to send waive request for no-further condition and then apply for 143 visa . They applied for the waiver and then applied for 143 visa while dad is in Sydney . After applying for 143 visa , department send him the bridging visa , without even applying for visitor visa 600. Now his dad doesn't need to apply for visitor visa 600 , since he can stay in bridging visa in Sydney until the 143 visa is finalised . This is a big shock to me , until now I was thinking bridging visa doesn't apply for 143 visa .
  18. The ACS have announced that as of the 1st July 2020 they will be making some changes in the following areas of the ACS Migration Skills Assessment - Changes in Assessment of ANZSCO Unit Group 2621 (ICT Security Specialist) - Changes in Acceptance of Electronics subjects in ICT qualifications - Seoul Accord qualification recognition
  19. A quick heads-up. We are expecting an update in respect of the Parent visa application delivery address details - I do not know exactly when. If you are looking to lodge a Parent visa application in the near future you might keep an eye out for this.
  20. Hi there I was hoping someone had some suggestions. I have been offered a job in Canberra and I am likely to start in August. However our two cats will only be able to leave towards the end of November. We will be in the process of selling our house and belongings and moving our lives and even if my husband stays behind for a while they will still be left with not much more than a bed in the house which can be very stressful for the cats. Putting them into quarantine for two or more months wont be the solution as we wont be able to afford that as well as getting out cats to AUZ. Does anyone have any helpful ideas on how we can make this work?
  21. Hi all yes it is good to hear that they are still looking at applications however the final approvals appear to still be on hold due to the uncertainty of international travel schedules. Hopefully we will see further progress and updates soon. Stay positive andsafe
  22. Thanks for sharing, in these unusual times it is always good for people to know things are still moving. I can also confirm that I have had recent correspondence from the Parent Processing Team.
  23. Hi All, It has gone awfully quiet in this forum. Just sharing that I have seen May'16 including late May'16 143 applicants being asked for further documentation in another group. Thought I'd share this with all just to lift the mood a bit :)
  24. TeeTMI

    Vic SC190

    With regard to points: The SC190 visa itself only requires you to hold 65 points. Although individual states may have some additional requirements for points in some circumstances. The future of points can be difficult to accurately predict at the best of times, with COVID-19 they will be impacted by competition (some would be migrants may decide to hold back to see what occurs - others may decide to move asap...) and government policy etc. I have not yet heard of any invitations for 189/491(FS) in the May round of invites, and April was a low number. Low/no invites would generally see an increase in points/waiting time. For the 189 - my records suggest that no-one with 85 points has been invited that had not submitted their EOI prior to 31/10/2019 and that was a number of months ago.
  25. Riekie

    Sad news

    Very sad. Thanks for letting us know.
  26. GarthDavid

    Military discharge papers

    Hi. Looking for military discharge papers. I read a post of yours from a few years back but the contact details have changed. Can you assist please. Im in Australia busy with 186 PR application and the dept of immigration requires this. Thank in advance
  27. Hi all Im in the planning stages of applying for the SC190 through Victoria. Does anyone have any idea if the cutoff points will drop any time soon? We have 85 points. Just trying to figure out timelines. I see that Victoria don't require proof of settlement funds. We can raise them, but it will take some time. Cost benefit tells me to apply and save rather than wait and delay the process. Especially if you have approximately a year to activate PR and considering the application timeline. Can anyone confirm that Victoria won't ask for proof of settlement funds? Thank you in advance!
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