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    • janey1509

      janey1509  »  Elna57

      We have finally been asked to proceed with the AOS, medicals etc (143 visa).  We have completed the Form 80 as requested but not sure how to get it to them.  Must I scan each page and email it to them together with the Police Clearance or can I send it all by courier?  Perhaps I need an Immi account? Thanks for any assistance you can offer. 
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    • bernadette24

      bernadette24  »  Elna57

      Hi Elna, i have just been granted my visa 143 today. Thank you so much for all your advice. Very much appreciated. Travel outside Australia is unlimited until June 2024. However i would like to know what is the maximum time i can spend out of the country after that date? Thank you
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    • Leroy

      Leroy  »  Hugo2

      Hi Hugo

      I came across your name on the forums and I am hoping you can provide some guidance.
      My wife and I would like to initiate the process to financially immigrate from South Africa. I have provided some more information regarding our situation below. 
      We immigrated to Australia on a 189 PR visa in August 2018
      I have been employed since November here in Australia, my wife is on home duties. 
      We both have Mercantile bank accounts which we have been using to transfer ZAR to AUD through Rand Rescue. (I am happy to close these if going through FNB is easier)
      We both have retirement annuities with PPS investments (roughly R250 000 total)
      We both have cheque accounts with FNB, I also have a credit card with FNB. 
      We have a joint bank account with Commonwealth Bank in AUS. 
      I approached one or two financial immigration agents, however that would cost me nearly 10% of my investment in fees. So I am hoping to tackle the process myself. 

      If you have any advice you could possibly give on the process and the way forward it would be greatly appreciated.

      Lastly as it is almost tax season in South Africa, should we proceed with submitting a final tax return to SARS? We were both employed up and till end July 2018. 
      Kind regards
      Leroy & Claudia du Plessis
      · 2 replies
    • Lynnie

      Lynnie  »  Hugo2

      Hi Hugo,
      Just a question, please?
      We are doing the financial emmigration through FNB. My husband already has an existing account with FNB. Do we need to submit 2 seperate applications or can we just submit 1 application as a family unit? Do we both need an FNB account?
      Thank you very much.
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    • maxine


      Temporary Accommodation 
      We are wanting to rent our home out to fellow South Africans who are looking for temporary accommodation during the month of October- mid Nov this year. 
      We have planned a trip to South Africa and would like for our home to be taken care of whiles we are away. We are in Mount Barker South Australia. If you are keen please send me a message and we can discuss further.
      A Lovely large property with everything you need to make your stay enjoyable. close to shops, schools and parks.

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