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Auckland, NZ

yes we know this is an Australian forum ;) but hey! they're practically neighbours!

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  1. SA Going to NZ

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  4. Recruiting NZ jobs in SA

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    • CyberJoe


      Its been five months & I'm still waiting for my SA passport to be renewed!!
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    • Kimberley Kate

      Kimberley Kate

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    • bouts


      Looking for an Apartment or Town House Rental in Brisbane, North Lakes area. This is for my  daughter who just finished with her studies and will move from Perth to Brisbane early January. Will appreciate any assistance .
      Thanks , Jan Botha 
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    • rich1203

      rich1203  »  SD_MOA

      Hi there SD_MOA 
      hope that you are well 
      I have a question for you in regards of the new 491 visa. Will those people that have just received their 489's will the same rules for the 491 apply to them as well. can only apply for PR after 3 years.
      Kind regards 
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    • rich1203

      rich1203  »  SD_MOA

      Hi there Luckytobethere
      Hope that you are well.
      I saw, while on the hunt for some clues, tips or resources to pass this Ielts. Without the whole singsong of it: I need to apply for a NESA registration in Australia in order to teach over there. I have the actual 489 grant and need to start getting into work again quite soon. I am at my wits end with this process and the Ielts as well. I am going to write the computer based test again on the 30th October and need L8, R7, W7,S8, the last score i got was 7, 8, 6, 9.  I have bought the full volume of the Cambridge tests as well, I have bought the Udemy package as well and I am continuously practicing on the Online Computer Ielts site. I have also been using Ielts liz. If there is any way that I can write a topic 2 essay for you to get some guidelines that would be greatly appreciated.
      Kindest regards 
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