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  2. IT HAS MOVED Latest from “parents” updated 22/5/2019. 143 Aug 2015 173 Aug 2015 one month closer to the finish line.
  3. We are using Tony from SkylarkMigration. If you want an idea on fee's, his company has a glassdoor policy. Here is the list of the fees: https://www.skylarkmigration.com.au/pricing He has gone the extra mile for us, and is extremely transparent (Reads: Not a salesman who will BS you anywhere along the path). There are state options for the 190, and 489. You are correct though, when I started researching this process in 2016, 65 points would get you a 189 invite quickly. Now that is the min to even apply. There is also the option of transfers if your wife works for the Big4
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  5. Without examining the details of the actual case the following is just a generalisation rather than specific to the OPs circumstances. I do work with some of the more complex RRV's for what would be considered 'Former Permanent Residents' who have at one time held permanent residence but for one reason or another no longer do. There are a range of criteria to be addressed in such applications - again these to some extent depend upon the actual circumstances. In respect of the Super refund and how that impacts on your permanent residence this is not something I have needed to investigate previously. [I suspect that you may have cancelled your visa in order to obtain your super?] Note that one of the criteria to apply for a RRVs as a former permanent resident would be that your visa had not been cancelled. 'is a former Australian permanent resident, other than a former Australian permanent resident whose most recent permanent visa was cancelled.' Byron - if you would like to contact me at our business email (below) then I would be happy to discuss this with you.
  6. @TeeTMI have you dealt with a situation like this before?
  7. @janey1509. Yes, Maz is correct. There is a certain procedure and when you are told that your assurer can start the application procedure, they will supply you with all the details and a certain number to enable the assurer to proceed with the application.
  8. hi, the pure agents fees should be around R40k (or it was for us 3 years ago) the Visa fees are standard so at best you can save is the odd 40k if you do it yourself, but as you mention you do risk messing it up. Note 189 Visa are hard to get at the moment for auditors and accountants (90 points) - look at 190 and regional visas (a good agent should be able to help you with all this) we used NewWorldImmigration at it worked well.
  9. Good Day It’s the complete process including all fees. I am currently shopping around for quotes. I also did the online assessment via Migrate2Oz few mins ago waiting for response. I would like to do the process ourselves and utilize the money towards shipping cost. With that in mind, I also can’t afford any delays and mistakes with the application. I need this to be done fast and efficient. I may be forced to use an agent.
  10. Good Day That maybe a problem because we have a total of 80 points. The news I am getting the longer we stall with the application its harder to get in.
  11. Good Day I also agree 190k is a lot. It includes everything from start till end of process. I have doubts about her qualifications. She completed her bachelor of technology in internal auditing (BTECH Internal Audit) Completed SAIPA articles in financial accounting. Her 9 year work experience may not match her degree. How long ago did you do your application and how long it took to be granted?
  12. @janey1509 have you been requested to do your medical and police clearance?
  13. Riekie

    Public schools in Sydney

    Honestly you won't go wrong with whatever school you choose in that area. Don't overthink it.
  14. Then you vote for the lesser of all evils so you don't end up with the worse one 😎
  15. Yeah, my area finally got rid of bloody Tony Abbott.
  16. rozellem

    Public schools in Sydney

    Beanie, we live in Belrose and my 9 year old started at Covenant Christian school in Jan. His brother is at the state school across the road from our house (Wakehurst Public). There are lots and lots of RSA's at Covenant Check out their website for info and prices. PM me if you want more info.
  17. Skill Select 189 visas - Results from the May 2019 Invitations NB: As suspected the number of invitations issued in this round was again VERY small (ONLY 110 invites within the 189 and 489 family sponsored visas). Given the low number of invitations in the last couple of months and the increase in the points score requirement, we might expect a build up of applicants with higher points scores. Add to this that the quota for the 189 visa has been significantly reduced next year (https://www.taylormadeimmigration.com/2019-20 Migration Plan) it is possible the score may remain higher than previously seen, and competition may increase further depending upon departmental policy on how this visa will be managed? The points required to receive an invitation for a 189 visa in previous recent months can be seen at our web site https://www.taylormadeimmigration.com/DaystoInvite For ALL occupations NOT in the table below see text for the number of points required was: - 189 Invitations 100 invitations were issued for the 189 visa to EOIs with 80+ points (EOI date of effect prior to 22/03/2019). - 489 (Family Sponsored) 10 invitations were issued for the 489 visa to EOIs with 85+ points (EOI date of effect prior to 28/04/2019) The attached table shows the points require ONLY for occupations that are issued on a ProRata basis. All other occupations required the points detailed within the text above. The points required to receive an invitation for a 189 visa in previous recent months can be seen at our web site https://www.taylormadeimmigration.com/DaystoInvite
  18. Last week
  19. yip you need it in NSW - but not all "Services" offices ask for it, so you just go to another one to do the conversion (PS to get the letter is not that hard, we sent 1 email and got it 2 weeks)
  20. If I recall correctly it was only NSW that required the letter, and they also don't always ask for it.
  21. ChrisH

    Which bank to join in 2019?

    I think you can only open an international account with the big 4. I started out with NAB and they are pretty good. Remember as soon as you have to take out a mortgage to buy a house you'll probably move all your banking to whichever bank gives you the best deal. They love their package deals here.
  22. I can tell you from experience with people I've worked with that were on sponsored visas. It is a very very stressful scenario to be in because you are essentially tied to your employer. Anything can happen, companies merge, retrenchments, etc etc. If it is your only way into Australia by all means do it, but if you have the opportunity to get PR at this stage do it!
  23. Not sure what visa you qualify for or what your agent has indicated your options to be. Most people recommend going for a 189 (or 190) visa if you qualify/can afford it. Some people manage to find sponsored jobs, you can try and see if you get something, although the route to Permanent Residency after that is still long and not guaranteed. That's why most people go for 189/190 if possible.
  24. Is that quote for the whole process, or only the agent's fees? The whole process for a 189 for 2 people just cost us in the region of R120k, including the agent fees, visa fees, medicals, skills assessment, language tests etc. Ask around for some more quotes, agents frequently recommended on here are Stephen Dickson of migrateaus.com.au and those of Migrate2Oz. We had a very straight forward case but I still opted for an agent, I didn't want to be anxiously wondering if I'd made a mistake somewhere, so for me it was worth the price to not have that worry on my mind for half a year.
  25. Just be aware that auditors are currently on the pro rata list for the 189 and need a min of 85 points to be considered.
  26. Hello? We did our application without an agent and got a grant. The consensus here seems to be, if your case is straight forward, proceed on your own, if you have doubts, (experience, qualifications, medical issues) use an agent. But even then 190k seems a stretch? Was that in fees only? For more information and requirements, please visit here - https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/permanent-resident/visa-options
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