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  2. Congratulations and happy landings in Tasmania. The Trello board you're looking for is here: https://trello.com/b/W1fYXyW7/australia-immigration-public and the the post about how to use it (in case you are unfamiliar with Trello) is here :
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    Hallo Guess what? (You never will!) It took me a week but I got the documents together and certified and my letter etc. I scanned it into pdf as requested and emailed it and guess what... My email was returned as “permanently undeliverable”. Reason: 554 Policy violation. My email (as requested by consulate in Canberra ) is undeliverable due to it being marked as “spam”. So I am spamming them with the email they requested me to send! If this is the case, they are probably wondering why no one ever returns their emails! Because that is what I did. Clicked on “reply” and added the attachment. And voila, spam. I give up!
  5. Thanks for the well wishes. I would love to see the Trello you were referring to. I will see if I can find it. We have already sold our house and basically everything we have. It was liberating. I haven't found flight deals, but I did realise that if you fly Emirates, you get a total of 46KGs as apposed to 30KGs of Qantas. This is the option we are exploring now. Good luck with your move as well when you get there. When are you planning to go permanently?
  6. Good Luck on your Journey. We have used Migrate2Oz ( https://www.migrate2oz.co.za ) and they have been very professional. We received our Invite(189) one week ago.
  7. Check the latest thread on this:
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    What specifically are you looking to know?
  9. Hi guys, from your past experience - My partner will soon undergo a skills assessment test - He has a BTECH degree in Architecture and he is a professional architect with SACAP. He may have his skills assessment test done with AACA. Please can you advise on your experience with them?
  10. Hi Everyone, We are a young family from Cape Town.We have a 4 year old daughter, 20 month old son and a 7 month old daughter. We are about to start our immigration process and we would like to use a agent to give us guidance. My wife is a foundation phase teacher ( 29 years old ) and I own a coffee roastery( 31 years old ). We are going to try for the 189 skilled Visa, but any help or guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you very much Conard
  11. Sorry, one more question, when we land in Sydney, the idea was to Uber to a hotel and just recover from jet lag, sight-see for a few days, before we fly to Melbourne and settle in. I know in NYC there's an option to add a booster / car seat to UberX, but I don't see the same for Australia. What would be the best way of getting from the airport to hotel with a car seat? Thanks again.
  12. Ok thanks very much, appreciate the info, we'll give it away this side then, and rent / buy one as soon as we get there.
  13. Linden

    Where best to apply

    Is this the same scenario if he applies in SA?
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  15. HI, you need a letter in Sydney to convert your license - pretty easy to get, As for car seats, SA car seats are not legal here (SA seats comply with Euro standards not Aus) , main difference is that all car seats must have a theater strap attached to the back of the main car seat (you wills see what i mean when you get here) My advice: leave your seats at home, and buy when you get here (Gumtree or Target/BigW/Kmart) PS: in Australia there is no concept of "OK in the interim" its either legal or not.....;-) ....takes us a while to get use to this,
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    Where best to apply

    If you apply for a partner visa outside Australia - your husband can still visit Australia on another visa. As above, when the department is ready to grant the visa if in Australia at this time you will be provided with a timeline to depart so that the visa can be granted. You have mentioned your husband has a mother that he will want to visit regularly. It is worth noting that if applying in Australia once his visitor visa expires he would need to obtain a Bridging Visa B to travel outside of Australia during processing.
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  18. Hi Reinbow Welcome to the forum. Depends on which state you are headed to. Here in good the good old United State of QLD they are pretty sticky about car and booster seats. Believe it or not they have a 10 year expiry date on them and here in QLD they must have an Aus Standards sticker which also includes the weight and age rating. Most of the car hire companies have cars seats that you can rent with the car and Gumtree and FB are your friends here in Aus. You should be able to pick up a decent seat for a reasonable price. P.S. You have 3 months to drive around on your South African licence before ypu habe to convery and do yourself a favour by getting lettet from the traffic department validating your South African licences. As far as can remember NSW requires this letter to convert. QLD doesn't yet, and I'm not sure about the other states. Rather be safe than sorry. Happy Foruming
  19. Hi, Can somebody please recommend a tax consultant based in JHB that knows SA / Australia tax system. We have been granted 189 visas. We may need to keep a business running in SA when we emigrate. We have questions on how this would potentially work in terms of double taxation / new tax laws coming in? Thank you
  20. Hi all (first post, excuse me if I'm not familiar with etiquette) I have tried googling a bit and so on, but would appreciate any clarity or info anyone would have on booster seats. We have a South African standard (SABS approved) booster seat which we use for my 4-year old son. Would it even be worth it to fly it over? (We arrive in Sydney 1 Feb) Initially we are going to be renting a car and using public transport, until we get licences converted, etc. I know Australia seem to be quite stringent and finicky (with good cause) about these laws, and I do intend to eventually buy an "Australian approved" booster seat when we get there and we are driving regularly, my question is, would the current booster seat be ok in the interim, or not? Has anyone had experience with this, and please, what specifically would you recommend? Thanks a mill.
  21. Linden

    Where best to apply

    So, can I ask would have been different for you if you had applied in Australia?
  22. Hi. Congratulations on the grant. I also received mine (489 Tasmania) on 11 January 2019. I was hours away from withdrawing it inorder to lodge 190 for SA. I am also heading out in March but only to activate. I can totally relate to the feelings you have described. I am nowhere near ready to move, still need to sell the house, cars, finish job contracts etc. I am sure others who have gone before us will be able to answer your questions in more detail than I can, but here is my 2 cents. 1. Dance and breathe, and dance again. 2. There is a trello someone posted on this forum. I started using it earlier this week. It has great structure and some items I hadn't though of. Very easy to use and you can share tasks with your family members. It seems useful for both the move and with settling in the other side. I don't have the link for the public one but if you do a search for "@Mauro trello" the thread will come up. 3. From web searches and other people's reviews I think Tolman's Hill, Mt Nelson, Kingston and Sandy Bay have great accommodation options and schools. But it will of course depend on your preferences and where you intend to work. https://www.homely.com.au/search/suburbs-in-greater-hobart-tasmania. 3. If you hadn't started already start decluttering. I followed advice on this group and started last year October. Even sold a few items I realized I was never going to use. The less stuff you have to deal with the easier it is to think and plan and pack. If you find flight deals please let me know. Best wishes for the future.
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    Where best to apply

    Not a problem! Glad I could help as know there are not a lot of people applying for Partner visas from South Africa as most apply for the skilled visas. Question 1: When your visa is about to be approved your case office will email you to say that it is decision ready and they will give you a time frame for leaving the country. You will need to exit Australia and land in another country but does not need to be the country from which you applied from. Most people go to Bali or New Zealand as quickest and cheapest places to go. I want to say its 28 or 30 days notice but I can't seem to find any info about this so stand to be corrected on this time. Factors such as your medical examination might effect this as they are only valid for 1 year and I have read online of people being given a couple of days to leave as their medical was about to expire or the other option to do a new medical exam and have longer to leave the country. You will need to just ensure that you let the Pretoria office know of your dates in Australia if your husband is ever there in case they decide to approve the visa. In terms of leaving Australia to get your visa approved you would just inform your case office of your flight details and dates out the country and then most people seem to email their case office to say they are now out the country even though I am sure they are linked to the passport authorities and then seem to get it approved almost immediately. I think the case officer will advise to book a trip for at least 3-5 working days in case there is any delay in getting the visa approved. Question 2: I am not entirely sure about this answer but think you can come and go as you please but if you are applying for a 309 partner visa and you have been married for at least 2 years and have a child together then you are eligible to be granted permanent residency immediately when they approve your 309 visa so if you meet this criteria then you would not need to worry about waiting for permanent residency. They have changed the Australian home affairs website since we applied and I can't seem to find this exact info so I'm not sure if this has changed since then as just read that if you are in a long term relationship they will consider granting permanent residency (100 visa) at the same time as the 309 visa so it may now be at the discretion of your case officer if you meet this requirement. In terms of where is best to apply I am not entirely sure as it mostly comes down to each individual circumstances but both ways need a lot of patience as neither is a quick process! I have heard of lots of cases where the Australian has no rights to live in the country where their partner resides and so they spend their entire time separated while waiting for the visa to be approved and when you don't know how long it is going to take can be very frustrating. In our case as I would like our baby to be born in Australia it is looking like myself and my son are going to have to leave South Africa without my husband as I am running out of time to fly and then comes the tricky part of trying to work out when my husband should fly out to ensure he is actually there in time for the birth so in hindsight I wish we had applied from within Australia!
  24. Linden

    Where best to apply

    Thank you so much for all that info. Hugely appreciated! My husband already has a visitor's visa and has been back and forward on it to Australia. Question 1: if he applies from SA and happens to be in Aust when approved, how much warning do you get that approval is imminent? You mention that it would not be necessary to return to SA in order for approval. Do you mean that once you are flagged by the passport authorities as having left Australia, immigration would then approve partner visa? So, in your opinion is applying better in SA or is it 6 of one half a dozen of the other. Question 2: once you have partner visa is there a limit to the time you can spend back in SA whilst waiting for permanent residency? (He has an elderly mother here, so needs to keep returning)
  25. As I see the homeless man on the side of the road this morning on my way to work, I felt some guilt. Why have I been offered such a great opportunity? Grace Background So after 18 months, a couple of delays and what seemed to be a test of our faith and patience, our 489 Visa to Tasmania was finally granted on 16 January 2019. This date I will remember and the the song playing in my car will forever be part of me going into the future. We started the process in July 2017 and our final submission happened at the end of September 2018. Since then we were waiting and waiting. In all honesty that was the hardest part. Getting all the paperwork together and filling out endless amounts of forms were challenging, but at least you were doing something. Waiting for approval feels so powerless. So we just decided to trust God on this and finally we were rewarded yesterday. Why Tasmania? That question I have asked myself numerous times. Sometimes our journey takes us to places you never would've expected. Here's the thing though, the more research we do on that small little island, the more impressed we are with the lifestyle and community. In fact, I have started to prefer this option to Adelaide, which was our other one. Our journey has begun today. Our goal of PR is still far away, so we still have some miles to go. 2 years of living there and 12 months of work is the criteria and then the applications start all over. We are ready and we know we are blessed beyond measure. That's probably where all the mixed feeling come in. So mixed and so all over the place. Currently I am just trying to focus on channeling it all into happiness although I am sure there's going to be loads of tears in the next couple of months. Some advice given Bite sized chunks - The process of visa applications have 4 steps. Approach each one diligently and don't worry about the timing and the next process. It will drive you crazy. Worry about now, the next form or next test. Plan, but don't plan. Once you start the process you are going to feel like you are living in limbo, so stop spending on stuff and spend on experiences. It's much more fulfilling and as you miss South Africa, savour the memories you made while still here. You won't miss your fancy furniture. Read or listen The Barefoot Investor - It's a great guide for doing money matters correctly from the get go. I'm definitely implementing that when I get to Tas. Ask a question. If you want to know something about our journey, ask away. I love meeting new people. Some advice asked We are flying out in March, so we have a lot to do. I don't want to waste time when I get there. In order of importance, what would you advise we do first so that we don't fall into any issues getting admin issues sorted out. Let me know your experiences. Name the best value for money suburbs to look at with proper schools for primary and nursery schools.
  26. @OnthemoveCongrats buddy! Safe travels.
  27. I have a daughter that is waiting patiently for me to get there so she can have a medical procedure as she can't drive or do anything for 6 weeks, my boss in s retiring in April and they talking of splitting up the Directorate so I may need to be redeployed and my housemate is looking at going back to Sweden so I may be homeless too. Talk about being stressed!
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