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  2. Hi Rodney There is a Business owner visa (890) available to people already holding an eligible visa (NB: these are generally some of the previous business/investor visa subclasses). There are a range of Business and Investor visa options including. Business Innovation and Investment (provisional) visa (subclass 188) Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132) These visas consider a variety of criteria including your recent business turnover as well as business and personal assets.
  3. Hi Any recommendations for recruitment companies that have highly skilled boilermakers looking to immigrate to Australia?
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  5. Hi R0dney, As per this link: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/business-owner-890#Eligibility It looks like the business needs to own more than 100k in assets (So not just be sold for more than that) And needs to be making 300k in turnover or more a year Employs 2 full time AU peeps The person buying it will need to have owned it for more than 2 years before they can apply for a Visa
  6. I've heared about a new Visa that has a pathway to Australian residency through the purchase of a business for as little as $100000. Can any body coment on this as I have a photography business for sale in the Gold Coast
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  8. @WendyAllison Also keep checking your junk mail. A friend's request for further docs ended up in her junk mail and she only found it a couple of months later by accident.
  9. That makes sense then why they have skipped people from May and gone to June. They are clearly only doing on-shore applications
  10. @SueP This is for my in-laws and they are on-shore. Stuck here since the whole pandemic broke out.
  11. Congratulations. Are you onshore or offshore
  12. You are so fortunate. Very happy for you and your family. I'm May 2016 and still haven't heard anything. I've sent emails but had no response. I'll keep the group updated when I hear from them. All the best
  13. @WendyAllison Theirs was a 2/6/2016 application. I have just updated my timeline as well.
  14. Thanks for letting us know. Congratulations and keep us all in the loop how you navigate forward in this COVID life! its so encouraging to hear - let’s keep the ball rolling as we get our notification.
  15. We were in the Cayman Islands and did not go off islsnd. We used the doctor for Canadian immigration. It was all accepted. With saying that it was a few years ago. Unfortunately I cant remember the doctor. Edit to add. It was dr else Christoffersen from cayman doctors in the west shore centre
  16. Please may I ask when they applied???
  17. Hi All, Glad to share with you all that I have been requested for further docs for my in-laws today. Happy days ! I have also updated my timeline.
  18. I'm a May 2016 applicant and I haven't heard anything as yet. I guess we have to be patient, especially at a time when Aus are having a new wave of covid-19.
  19. You are so close Sakkie! My mom is a May 2018 applicant. feels like a lifetime of waiting.
  20. SakkieJansevanRensburg

    Contributory Parent 143 Visa Support group

    All Quite 23 June 2016 applicant myself
  21. Thought I’d come back here after all this time. I printed this list in ~March 2008. It became a bit of a talisman for us. As we lived life, sometimes it wound up in a cupboard and wasn’t seen for months, but it was never forgotten and we plodded through the steps. Occasionally hope was almost -almost- lost, but eventually in 2015 we landed in Melbourne on a 457 visa. The job market was tough and many days I almost -almost- let it get to me that losing my job would likely mean having to go back. Thankfully we received our PR after a few years, and on 18th June we attended a virtual citizenship ceremony! We couldn’t be happier and I’m so thankful that we pulled through! The moral of the story is that it’s hard; really hard. But if you let your “give up” always be an “almost” then she’ll be right! Thanks to Jordy for the original post. Not sure if you still monitor this forum, but, hat tip, you made a great contribution to our journey!
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  23. I have never attached Form 80 to a Citizenship application.
  24. @TeeTMI please can I ask if one needs form 80 for citizenship? Thank you.
  25. frosty

    Courier bank card

    Was last year July if I remember correctly. FNB.
  26. BellaR

    Courier bank card

    Also, which bank was it?
  27. Generally not (some limited variation occasionally) where there is no Panel Physician in the country as you are aware you would normally be required to travel to attend a provider. Currently, in situations where there is a genuine reason (such as the impact of COVID-19 on travel) that you are unable to provide the Medical within the required time frame you would generally be provided with an extension of the time provided.
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