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  2. TeeTMI

    ABC's on Immigrating to Australia

    May be a good starting point
  3. Minks

    SA Passports - 6 to 12 months?!

    Submitted 2 child passports and 1 adult application, in the same envelope, to Canberra. Kids got their passports in about 6 months and I've been waiting for over 10 months for mine 😪 I've emailed HACC multiple times, only to receive the same response each time - an email reply stating that they'll "escalate" the urgency of the application and I need to follow up again in 3 - 4 weeks. A lady I contacted at the South African High Commission in Canberra has also emailed the passport division directly requesting clarity regarding the delay ... and we're still waiting for a reply from their contact?! That was over 2 weeks ago!! To say I am frustrated beyond measure would be an understatement.
  4. Riekie

    ABC's on Immigrating to Australia

    @Lorrand It's easier for members to respond and answer questions if you ask more specific questions and provide a bit more information. Your question is quite an elaborate one to answer and you'll find very few people will have the time it would take to give you a full rundown on every possible aspect of immigration. I recommend you use the search function to find posts relating to your situation (example if you're a nurse, look for posts with the word "nurse" in them) which will give you more specific answers. Make a list of all the things you want to know and ask these questions individually, if you cannot find what you look for in the existing forum posts (example: what visa options are available for nurses or how much would it cost for a 20ft container etc.) There is a 100 step process on this forum that is very handy and gives you an idea of all the things to do or remember when you migrate. Try and attend a free seminar in South Africa by one of our contributing migration agents. I know @SD_MOA will be in several locations in South Africa in February for instance. As mentioned before, visit the Australian Immigration website and use their handy tools to check which visa options could potentially be available to you and you'll also find all the up to date requirements, costs, processing times et. there. It's a tedious, frustrating, time-consuming process but we've all been through it and it is 100% worth it.
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  6. We are now looking for someone who can get involved in helping keep the business running, we are a small company with 9 fulltime staff and around 8 contractors, with some really big clients and great opportunities. We have reached the point where we have so much work that it has completely exceeded my capacity to manage everything that is going on, this role will step in and take over as much of that load as possible to free me up so i can continue building the buisiness and providing better customer service. While we are ultimately looking for someone who can manage, we are a small business so this role will be fully hands on, getting involved in every aspect of the business, including, looking after projects and teams to make sure delivery is happening, client relationships, billing, making sure stuff doesn’t get forgotten, presales, recruitment, setting up new business areas & chasing sales (we only chase qualified leads so no cold calling required). Understand this is a small business so one hour you will be the project manager, then team lead following up on projects and looking at resource allocation, then next hour manning the phones to answer first level support while the help desk guy is out, then the next hour you are on the phone with a new customer pitching a sale and raising invoices, then onsite with the client doing a software demo yourself. If you are driven, understand customer service, with experience in business as well as implementations and this sounds good, give me a shout on recruit@softwaresystems.com.au with a CV and cover letter. You need to be in Sydney with work rights
  7. Elna57

    Landed! Parent support group.

    @stefansThank you for the heads up with the Auspost casual work. Hubby applied and worked throughout December. Have you had any luck on the workfront?
  8. Elna57

    Landed! Parent support group.

    @Maz Hi Maz.. How are you enjoying life in Australia? @Elza How are you doing? Just to update all. I have had such a rollercoaster ride since arriving in Brisbane, but had a lot of fun alongside all the stress. I have done courses, worked in various industries and learnt a LOT during it all. At the moment, I am working at an aged care centre and loving it! Anyone else care to share their journey?
  9. @CFDS. Thank you for posting this info. I am sure it will help others in the future.
  10. @JIG Welcome to the Sunshine State! @JennyLeigh Welcome to the thread. @JIG. Yes please, keep posting as much and often as you can, since procedures change so often, it would be good to keep others informed. Just curious to know whether there is a MyGov office on the Gold Coast? And, would you say that the process, from the request for documents to Visa Grant is still more or less the same? Have a great day! Raining in Wynnum right now, so looking forward to a cooler day.
  11. Welcome JIG. I’ll contact you. The rest of the roomies, byt vas! Like JIG said it’s all worth it at the end.
  12. yolred

    ABC's on Immigrating to Australia

    Hi Not sure if you got your answer already. I see it has been awhile since you posted here. Well to start off this is a really difficult question to answer. It depends on your situation, we did the visa application ourselves, but ours was relatively straightforward. Also on your financial situation, we wanted to save as much as we could. Immigrating to another country will be disruptive no matter how you do it, you are moving to a different country. Alot of things that seems like commonsense in SA will not be the same here in Aus, even if English is your first language, the culture is different. It will take time to adjust, but luckily we humans are adabtable. Regarding how much you will need also depends, I have read stories about people who had only a few dollars to work with when they first landed here. But alot has changed. There are sometimes events held in SA immigration expo, maybe go to one of those if you can. You can also start by researching this website immi.gov.au There is also alot of Facebook groups that you can join. Just take some with a pinch of salt. Hope this helps.
  13. yolred

    Packing move cube

    Hi We used a move cube, we didn't bring a fridge but we did use plastic containers as well as bokses. I don't see why you can't put anything in the fridge, but maybe just confirm with the company. Cheers Good luck
  14. Hi all roomies and all who have landed here in Australia. We arrived on the 19 January 2020 and are settling in nicely with our family. Experienced our first Australia Day at the beach in Currumbin . It was a long 4 year wait but in the end worth the wait. Now to do all the official things like,Medicare drivers license, tax number etc. went to get drivers license you need 5 points of reference to qualify ( only had 4) so will go to Medicare this week and sign up. Humidty on the Gold Coast is off the charts at moment after all the rain. Don't give up those waiting it will be worth the wait. PS: Dirk could you give me a call sometime to meet up. 0406601952
  15. Hi guys , I’m hoping some one can clear some stuff up for me please we are going to use a move cube to take some stuff over to aus , Do items have to be in a cardboard box ? Or can we use plastic boxes ? We have a few camping boxes , also I want to take my bar fridge ( sentimental ) and a chest of draws are we allowed to pack them with closes etc ? yes I’m asking if I can fill the fridge with clothes to save space
  16. Hi all, Asking for a family member who is qualified motor mechanic, specialising in Ford (8 years in the trade) wanting to immigrate to Australia. Are there any forumites who are either in the process or recently through it who are able to provide advise on the process please? Especially in relation to the skills list, skills assessment requirements, IELTS level requirements and visa class options incl. regional options, time it took from application to grant - basically ANY advise would be much appreciated! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Anyone out there sponsoring at the moment?
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  18. My husband is keen to chat to Australian actuarial recruiters to get a better idea of the job market and landscape. Do you know anyone who can help with this?
  19. Optimisticprime

    SA Passports - 6 to 12 months?!

    @FingersCrossed I’m just wondering what state did you apply from? I applied early August 2019 and when I applied the Application time was 6 months. I’m hoping I made the cut as I need to be in NYC at the end of February. cheers.
  20. Thanks @ChrisH I did do it when they visited the second time with no luck, i will give it a go again.
  21. Yeah just ask for it. I'm not even kidding! As long as they have visited once before and didn't violate the terms of the first visa, they will be granted a 3 year visa the second time round. Just mention in your letter that they are your parents and that they would like a 3 year visa.
  22. Hi Guys This has been discussed before but was hoping as times passed there might be a clearer answer. Does anyone know if anything can be done to ensure a longer term 600 visa? My parents have visited multiple times and want to continue to visit. Instead of applying every time do you know if anything can be done to get a 3 year multiple entry visitor visa? Thanks Yuvi
  23. Pele

    Medicals 190 visa

    Thanks Ezell
  24. Daz1994


    What is the best site/agency that i can post my CV to that has the best chance of a sponsorship?
  25. Just a regular one as for the PR visa application Used them from AUS
  26. I've used doc Assist three times. 2/3 were fine, the last time I had endless troubles. As far as I can tell DocAssist outsources all police clearance requests to "Postnet Pretoria CBD" (they have a fb page) (at least they did in 2018). Up to you whether you want to pay a middleman that just delays the process.
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