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  2. Thanks! PTE on the 4th of December. Want to lodge skills assessment and skilled work assessment as soon as we receive our results. Rest of the information already received, so we can submit out EOI as soon as we receive the skills assessment back. Reading your timeline, @Tntaglia, we will do something similar. Waiting for TSS 482 and then at the same time 189/190 for PR!!
  3. Tntaglia

    Our surprise Sydney journey

    Getting close now... how are things with your son? I remember he was hesitant on the move?
  4. Tntaglia

    The Ivanovi Journal

    Honestly I'm getting used to the wayward trolleys - and actually find it useful that they can move directly left or right. So much easier to get out of the way or take a small gap, it's like parallel parking with the fixed wheel ones sometimes!
  5. Tntaglia

    TFN when on a 482

    The resident one seems to be only for citizens, if you use the link above it takes you to the process for foreign passport holders. I assume you are in Australia, in which case I suggest you just phone them on the number provided, the ATO phone line is excellent.
  6. Good question - I guess one of the agents would know. @SD_MOA or @TeeTMI can you help?
  7. @Chips Of course you can! The more variety, the more useful it ends up for the next person with questions I usually just copy and paste the tables into and from Word, and make the changes in there.
  8. Good luck @MJO! We got 190 sponsorship (actuary though, so lower demand than for CA) for NSW and my work is in Sydney anyway, so that worked out well. When are you sitting the PTE?
  9. Rossen

    The Ivanovi Journal

    I haven't seen any of those around Coles/Woolies/target/etc. At least you get a good abdominal workout when you go shopping though.
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  11. Hi, Need a bit of advice on how to proceed with citizenship application. We have been in Australia now for just over four years and are eligible for our citizenship application. In A few months ago we had our third born child who was born in Australia. We have been on our permanent residency Visa for approximately two years now. So my question is this, do I need to List him on our application as one of the children who is not apply for citizenship as he already has it? Silly question I know…
  12. ottg

    The Ivanovi Journal

    There is a method in the madness. When using the trolley on those flat ramp/escalator platforms, then the rear wheels find their way into the grooves and stopping the trolly from moving around.
  13. My AOS application was 14 May 2018.
  14. @March2 just looking at your timeline, looks like you have had a huge gap from visa grant to when you leave, was that influenced by the timing of your PCC and Medicals? I have just submitted my VISA application and am worried if its issued in Feb 2019, we might not be ready to leave ASAP. Just seeking clarity. thanks
  15. Hi Diveup What was the date of your AOS application. I filed mine on 8 June 2018 and have not heard a word so far. Thank you
  16. qwerty

    SA Passports - 6 to 12 months?!

    Hi folks, It's been a while. Quick question on applying for a child passport from Australia. My daughter is 9 years old and became an Aussie citizen in June, which means she automatically retains her SA citizenship. Do we need to include her citizenship certificate with the passport application (she obviously doesn't have a dual citizenship certificate like we do)? Thanks!
  17. We are going to the Sunshine Coast, very excited to be living by the sea, having lived in Jozi /Joeys my entire life.
  18. Rossen

    The Ivanovi Journal

    So its been 7 weeks since I landed... wow has it gone by in a whirlwind! Looking back at my previous post brings some interesting feelings but mostly the feeling that everything will eventual be ok and that I should take it easy. In the last 7 weeks I managed to set things up as best as I can. I got the first property which I applied for and was even given a choice of two houses by the agency. This was for a pet friendly house so the dogs will have a nice garden to run around in once they arrive mid Feb next year. There was a bit of a rush for the first few weekends to get as much furniture as possible which had its challenges. In RSA we expect everything to be in stock and to have free delivery within a day or two.... well I finally figured out why most cars have roof racks installed! As it turns out delivery is not free and generally costs around $80. Also most furniture items are either not in stock or are held at the warehouse which is obviously not at the store. If you are in an outlying town that generally means up to a week of waiting if the item is at the warehouse. Lets just say that finding a king size mattress which was in stock and could be delivered within a day or two left me with very few and expensive choices. At the end of October I flew back to RSA to pack our Movecube and move over with my wife and 15 month old son. It was a crazy 5 days with two long flights and 3 days of packing house and move cube whilst trying to arrange work meetings and finalizing a few last minute things. We had booked a shuttle to take us to the airport as to avoid emotional goodbyes at the airport. The shuttle arrived with a toddler seat instead of a baby seat even though I confirmed the baby car seat twice so the driver got himself a baby car seat at the airport. The slow lounge at JHB international was converted into a giant playing area by my son for a few hours though we were lucky that it wasn't busy on a Tuesday afternoon. We had booked the bassinet seats but unfortunately my son was a little too tall for the bassinet so we eventually had to make a plan and he slept on mom and dad. Luckily we brought his pillow on the flight so it helped make things more comfortable for him. A note for anyone else with a child which might not fit in the bassinet, the arm rest between the seats right in front of the bassinet do not fold away for some ridiculous reason so book the middle 2 seats of the 4 seat row! Arriving at a partially furnished house with a jet lagged toddler was interesting. We managed to put him down fairly easily but he woke up just after we had fallen asleep and was up for a good two hours. Fun times! At least he got with the program within the first two nights. I enrolled him at a day care center within the estate we live in and had to get his immunizations up to Australian standards. going to the GP was an absolute pleasure and not having to pay for the visit was an interesting feeling. The little on had to get 3 injections which was definitely a too much. He's been getting over those boosters for the last few days and is definitely looking better nowadays. He's settling in nicely and is today at day care for the third time. Seems like he's coping well with the move even if he's a bit more unruly than usual. He's a very social child and does not like staying at home! All in all things are finally starting to settle down a bit. We definitely have a long way to go until we are properly established but we've got the basics down. We did our first trip to the beach and were very thankful for the life we have been given the opportunity to have. We do realize that we are at a huge financial disadvantage in terms of the cost to our savings but we'll just have to work a bit harder to catch up. Its all worth it. Some general thoughts: The Aussies sure do seem to be a bit on the rebellious side. For example if you drive at the speed limit you will definitely be holding up traffic. Its an interesting position to be in. Do you speed with the rest of them and risk the heavy fines and demerit points or do you piss them off by holding up traffic?! Gardening... damn the grass grows fast! Also, never rent a property with a sloping garden again! The weather is definitely interesting. The two weeks of rain were followed by a one week heat wave and now a week of 25°C days with mild 12°C nights. Hoping for more of the later weather! Those damned trolleys! Why on earth cant the back wheels be stationary! I truly hate those damned monstrosities!
  19. Thanks @ocean. Will definitely keep you posted. Where about are you guys going?
  20. What a lovely post. I do feel for you with the interview, ozzie works so differently from SA that we are newbies at so many things. Our son was refused entry to one the schools we applied for because we were not there (as in in front of the camera) during his Skype interview and we received a long written diatribe about what terrible parents we are. Silly us thinking it was HIS interview. Keep us posted... We will be arriving a few weeks after you.
  21. Last week
  22. 6,5 weeks to go but who's counting...? We eventually decided to go with Execu-move to move our belongings to Tasmania. A wonderful team who are so clued up with packing and who really understands your thoughts and emotions during this process. Even after we realised we had forgotten some stuff, a very important and overly used potjie pot and a couple of boxes, Execu-move was happy to pack those for us at no extra cost, even though we went slightly over our quoted space in the shared container. So we finally moved out of our home....a very very emotional day indeed....hubby, sons and myself cried buckets Have now moved in with my parents and although we are all being spoiled, living off suitcases and boxes is definitely not fun! Had our first "Farewell Get-together" with hubby's side of the family...must admit I was pleasantly surprised that I was not inundated with questions about why we are doing the move and all the other comments that generally pop up around the "grass not being greener on the other side". In fact, no one really asked anything! We have just about 6,5 weeks to go and whilst some emotions are popping up now and then about our leaving, generally I am quite numb at the moment. Applied for a teaching position at the Dept.of Education and went on to the online video stage....that was a total disaster....I have never been exposed to that type of interview before where no one was on the other side. I just had to read the questions and record myself answering them....the timer that ticked away in the background was distracting and for someone with so many years of experience, I sure came across that I never taught a day in my life...I just could not get going with the answers...I was dumbstruck and I could not think of how to say what I wanted and to explain myself properly....a real DISASTER!!! Am so angry with myself! Hubby tells me it couldn't have been that bad...just being nice and supportive but I know myself and after that interview, even I won't hire myself!! Well, it is what it is and I hang on to the fact that the Universe must have something else planned for me 🤞 My son and his girlfriend have decided that long distance relationships will not work for them and have decided to break off their relationship. So in that front, he's moody and irritable. Trying to talk to him and just give him support, though sometimes this is not going so well. She was kind enough to send us texts to explain and also say her goodbyes as (understandably) she doesn't want to do it personally. This is really difficult to deal with....and I feel really bad for them...but I am stubbornly focusing on the reasons we have to do this move and hopefully someday he will understand that this was for his benefit or better yet, they work things out and she comes over too, when her studies are done. Whatever God has planned, will be....who are we to question His will? I have seen Him work His miracle and I know that He will make things all right for them too. I have said to my son, that God never puts us in a situation He knows we cannot handle....it may be difficult and painful at first but with faith in Him, we will overcome anything.
  23. Good news for you. End is in sight.😆
  24. Nallan

    Teaching in Aus

    It was done after when I arrived in Aus. PEAT cam to end in 2017. Just IELTS The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (Academic) A minimum score of 7 is needed in reading and writing A minimum score of 8 is needed in speaking and listening. This equates to an average band score of 7.5 across all four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The International Second Language Proficiency Rating (ISLPR) A score of Level 4 is needed in all four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing, undertaken at approved testing sites where the assessment is teacher focused.
  25. After 5 months waiting I finally had my AOS interview and expect letter for bond payment in 10 days. In-laws application 25 June 2015.
  26. I applied for my confirmation from RTMC on the 7th of November. Contacted me this morning (12th) to collect.
  27. rich1203

    Teaching in Aus

    Hi there, thanks Did you do it before you got the visa or after?
  28. Nallan

    Teaching in Aus

    I did 2 years ago,might have changed . I went through Bostes. I wasnt asked for no. of teaching prac days in NSW? I did have to write a PEAT exam as well as IELTS. I was eventually interviewed and accredited to teach. I dont teach but I went through the process if I ever wanted to. Im registered in VIC as well but the process was far simpler and you do need no. of teaching prac days in VIC. http://educationstandards.nsw.edu.au/wps/portal/nesa/teacher-accreditation/how-accreditation-works/your-accreditation/overseas-teachers
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